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History of the Family Around the World: Finding Books in the M.S.U. Libraries

This is a guide to researching the history of the family around the world using reference works, bibliographies, periodical indexes, and primary sources.

Finding Books in the M.S.U. Libraries

It is possible to do a quick and dirty, one box keyword search of the contents of the MSU Libraries' web site, starting at the top left of the Libraries' home page.  The results will be sorted into several categories to follow up on:  articles from journals, books/media from our online catalog, databases, library research guides like this one, other.   To do a more traditional search, read on.

Use Books and Media (online catalog).  It contains the materials owned by and located in the MSU Libraries, or accessible electronically, including: books, journals, government documents, microforms, videos/DVDs/CDs, electronic resources, etc.

When should I use the online catalog?

* To find whether we own a specific book, including its location and call number.  Search by the book's title, omitting initial articles, A, An, The, when they occur at the beginning of the title.

* To browse for books on a topic.  Use keywords out of your head to describe your topic or subject headings found in the Library of Congress List Subject Headings, a set of fat red books found in Reference, first floor East, at Z 695.... 

*To find books by a particular author.  Search last name, first name.

* To find out whether we subscribe to a specific magazine, journal, or newspaper

NOTE: You cannot use Books and Media (online catalog) to find individual articles within a magazine or journal--you must use a periodical index for that, or the one box search described above.

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