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History of the Family Around the World: Bibliographies

This is a guide to researching the history of the family around the world using reference works, bibliographies, periodical indexes, and primary sources.


Bibliographies are reference works by scholars that list and describe other works recommended to read. Sometimes they are in book length form, such as the AHA Guide... and sometimes they are shorter, such as the web guides our librarians have prepared, which are listed below.

Our online catalog contains many "family history" bibliographies of a genealogical nature, because our catalog includes the holdings of the Library of Michigan.

Academic family history is strongly bound up with the study of women and we do have numerous bibliographies on women in our online catalog. Try L.C. subject searching: "women [country] history" and watch for subheading "bibliography." These works often refer to works on families more generally.

American Historical Association Guide to Historical Literature Main stacks and Main Library Reference D 20 .A55 1995 v. 1-2

Arrangement is by place, with chapters on various countries and areas of the world. Each chapter includes a short essay on the history of said place, an outline of the bibliographical entries, and then citations to books (or articles if there are no particularly good books) to read with very short descriptions following the outline. From here, look up the particular citations referred to in our online catalog by author, title, or title of periodical. Because this was published in 1995, nothing published since the mid-1990s will be included. To find more recently published works, use periodical indexes. Be courteous to other history students; use this work in the building, please.

History Highway: a 21st Century Guide to Internet Resources Reference and DMC 4 West (CD) D 16.117 .H55 2006

An annotated bibliography of web sites.

Children and Youth in History

Children & Youth in History helps teachers and students learn about the important roles of young people throughout history by providing access to information about the lived experiences of children and youth. Website reviews. primary sources. teaching modules and case studies.

HEARTH: Home Economics Archive

HEARTH is a core electronic collection of books and journals in Home Economics and related disciplines. Published between 1850 and 1950, these titles were selected by teams of scholars for the great historical importance they hold. The full text of these materials, as well as bibliographies and essays on the wide array of subjects relating to Home Economics, are all freely accessible on this site.  Site developed by Mann Library, Cornell University.

Below are a number of research guides by M.S.U. librarians on researching people groups around the world and in the U.S. using M.S.U. Libraries' resources.

Around the World:

Asian Studies: Introduction by our Asian studies librarian

Selected Resources for Latin American History by our Latin American and Caribbean studies librarian

Middle East Resources by our Middle East librarian

Jewish Studies Resources by our Jewish studies librarian

Muslim Studies Resources by our Muslim studies librarian

Africana (African Studies) at the M.S.U. Libraries: Resources  by our Africana librarians

British Victorian Period Research.  This is a guide to reference sources in 19th century British history. It is particularly useful for researching women, health/medicine, history of science, the press, religion/philosophy, government documents, and general subjects.

France: History and Literature.  This is a guide to the use of the MSU Libraries for students of French language, literature, and history at MSU.

Russian and East European Resources at M.S.U.: a Basic Guide for Research.  To research Russia and Eastern Europe in our Libraries.

In the U.S.:

African American Studies Research Guide.   This is a guide to doing research in our Library on African American topics.

African American History: Selected Resources in the M.S.U. Libraries.  To study African American history in our Libraries.

Native American Studies Research Guide. This is a guide to doing research in our Library on Native Americans.

American West: Selected Resources in the M.S.U. Libraries.  Study the American West in our Libraries.

Arab American Studies Research Guide.  This is a guide to doing research in our Library on Native Americans.

Asian American Studies Research Guide.   This is a guide to doing research in our Library on these.

Latino American Studies Research Guide.  To research Latino Americans in our Library.

European American Studies Research Guide.  This is a guide to doing research on these in our Library

American Ethnic History: Selected Reference and Primary Sources.  A developing guide to resources in our Library on this topic

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