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The Kew Lists: The Kew Lists

This is a brief guide to using the Kew Lists for research, material contained in the British National Archives at Kew, Richmond, U.K. Last updated 06-27-2023

The Kew Lists

It is now possible to search the U.K. National Archives'(formerly Public Record Office's) catalogue online, on the web, which is more up to date than the microfiche set described below. Some records have been digitized and full text access is available to them on their site.  Their web site has all kinds of useful information about planning your research visit to this facility.  It is the national repository for the U.K.'s government materials.

Great Britain. Public Record Office. Kew Lists. [London], HMSO Books, 1988, c1986, and c1991. Microfiche CD 1043 .K48 Remote Storage and Supp. in Hollander Make Central 2 West

The Kew Lists are the finding aids used to identify the call numbers for materials in the National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office), which is the national repository for Britain's government materials. If you don't find the material you want in their online site, then try using the Public Record Office's Current Guide located at the beginning of the whole microfiche set first.  Have it brought from Remote Storage using the "Get This" button in the catalog entry.  Go to Part 3: Index, to look up your government related topic. This Index guides you to the appropriate numbers in Part 2: Class Descriptions and/or Part 1: Administrative Histories. Having identified your class description numbers, you then find these numbers in the larger microfiche set of the Kew Lists.   Here you will find detailed information and the appropriate call numbers to take with you to the Public Record Office, where you will be able to conduct your research in Britain's official governmental archive. The M.S.U. Libraries only owns the index to the materials, not the materials themselves. 

We also have many electronic primary resource databases containing full texts of British government material.