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Microforms on Victorian and Edwardian Britain: Microforms on Victorian and Edwardian Britain

This is a guide to microforms on the English Victorian and Edwardian periods, 19th and early 20th centuries. Most are in Remote Storage, but they can be requested.

Microforms on Victorian and Edwardian Britain

This is a guide to microform sets in the M.S.U. Libraries on Victorian and Edwardian Britain, 1800s-WWI, exclusive of British Parliamentary documents. The format may be either film or fiche. The call number may be either an accession number or an L.C. call number. The guide provides the call number, format, and number of fiche or reels following the set title. The Library location is Hollander Make Central for microfiche, 2nd floor, West wing. 

Microfilm sets with accession numbers are in Remote Storage.  These can be requested to be brought to the Main Library to read on the microform readers on 2 West in Hollander Make Central, via our online catalog.  In Books and Media, use Advanced Search.  Put in the accession number given in this guide followed by the word Microfilm (for example 14728 Microfilm), use the down arrow to change the All Fields box to call number, and click the Find button.  Then, in the full entry for the material, there is a "Get This" button to click on to request to have it brought to Main Library Circulation.  Or e-mail

To find British Parliamentary documents, use the online library guide called Finding British Parliamentary Papers in the MSU Libraries.

Baedeker's Handbooks for Travellers

266 editions published before WWII. Check online catalog under this title and choose country and date of publication.  These are on microfiche in Hollander Make Central. 

British General Election Campaign Guides, 1885-1950 JN 1031 .F8 fiche Hollander Make Central

Primary source for arguments, questions, evidence and contemporary viewpoints for electoral struggles of modern Britain. Years included: 1885, 1892, 1895, 1900, 1906, 1909, 1914, 1922, 1929, 1931, 1935, 1945, 1950.

British Labour History Ephemera, 1900-1926 14728 film Remote Storage

More than 1100 pamphlets and other ephemera of British labour history concerning key aspects of social/political life of the period. List of Contents and Index to Reels in Microcopy Guides section at Z 7164 .L1 B68.

Burney Collection of Early English Newspapers 14915 129 reels Remote Storage

500 newspaper titles from the early 18th to the early 19th century from London and England. See Early English Newspapers, Bibliography and Guide to the Microfilm Collection in Microcopy Guides at folio Z 6956 .G6 C68 1983.

Clarendon, George William Frederick, 4th Earl of Villiers, 1800-1870 The Clarendon Papers, 1867-70. 17235 -1 reel Remote Storage

British diplomat and statesman

English Cartoons and Satirical Prints, 1320-1832 in the British Museum 14941 - 20 reels Remote Storage

17,400 items cover five centuries. Chronological arrangement. See Catalogue of Political and Personal Satires Preserved in the Department of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum. NE 55 .L7 A3 1978 v.1-11 Fine Arts.

Fabian Society. Minute Books and Records, 1884-1918. 485 fiche, Hollander Make Central

Documents proceedings, arguments, causes and people of Britain's most famous political society. Founded 1884 to advance socialism by democratic means. Instrumental in a host of social changes that helped to create modern Britain.

George, 2nd Duke of Cambridge, 1819-1904 Papers of George 2nd Duke of Cambridge 14663 - 60 reels Remote Storage

British field marshall and aide-de-camp to Queen Victoria; Contents given at beginning of reels.

Great Britain. Colonial Office. Government Publications Relating to the Gambia, 1822-1965. 14681 film Remote Storage

Great Britain. Foreign Office. General Correspondence before 1906, Slave Trade, 1816-1892. 7703 - 11 reels film Remote Storage

Correspondence between the Foreign Office and the commissioners at the several stations appointed to carry out articles of the Slave Trade Conventions with various nations.

Great Britain. Foreign Office. Records, Reports, Correspondence, etc.

Have material relating to following countries and dates, in Remote Storage:

Abyssinia, 1846-1910, film 7979
Abyssinia, 1808-1905, film 6341
Africa, 1834-1912, film 7379
Africa, after 1906, film 7701
Africa, before 1906, film 7700
Africa, 1891-1905, film 7702
Africa, 1891-1905, film 7783
Arabia, 1905-1907, film 10125
China, 1848-1937, film 7976
Egypt, after 1906, film 6344
Egypt, before 1906, film 6343
Egypt and Sudan, 1839-1922, film 6410
Kuwait, 1900-1904, film 11051
Russia, 1900-1945, film 13907, 13907a
Turkey and Arabia, 1907-1913, film 10087

Great Britain. General Board Health. The Local Reports to the General Board of Health, 1848-1857. JS 3068 .L6 - 214 fiche Hollander Make Central

Information on urban and rural social conditions in industrial Britain. Covers all topics which inspectors believed had an impact on the moral and physical welfare of the people and their government in 296 localities and 48 countries. "Complete alphabetical listing on sheet one."

Great Britain. Local Government Board. Reports, 1869-1908. HN 382 - 233 fiche Hollander Make Central

Presents results of exhaustive social investigations throughout Britain about housing, occupations, rents, hospital accomodations, food supplies, sanitation, and public health. Part of a series called Urban and Rural Social Conditions in Industrial Britain. The guide is Reports to the Local Government Board, 1869-1908, A Complete Listing and Guide to the Harvester Microfiche Collection. Z 7165 .G8 R46 Microcopy Guides section.

Great Britain. Prime Minister. Cabinet Reports by Prime Ministers to the Crown, 1837-1916. 12713 film -- 13 reels Remote Storage

The only official record of British Cabinet meetings, discussions, and decisions for the period.

Great Britain. Royal Commission on Labour and Trade Unionism. Reports, 1824-1960. 14706 film Remote Storage

Guildhall Library, London. London Directories from the Guildhall Library, 1677-1855. 12291 - 60 reels Remote Storage

City directories provide name/address information for persons and businesses, along with advertising. Useful for studying particular trades or particular locales.

Halifax, Charles Wood, 1st Viscount, 1800-1885 The Hickleton Papers, the Political and Official Papers of Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax. 15193 - 35 reels Remote Storage

English liberal statesman; Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1846-52; Secretary for India, 1859-1866. Index on reel one.

Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928. film 13577 - 18 reels Remote Storage

Original Manuscripts and Papers of Thomas Hardy in the Thomas Hardy Memorial Collection at the Dorset County Museum. Index in Microcopy Guides at PR 4758 .Z9 O7.

Hill/Adamson Albums in the National Portrait Gallery, 1843-48. 12705 - 1 reel Remote Storage

258 photograph portraits of Robert Adamson (1821-1848) under the direction of David Hill (1802-1870) represent the first flowering of photographic art in Britain.

History of Science, Health and Women. 28950 -- 23 reels Remote Storage

Drawn from the History of Women and European Women's Periodical Collections.  Guide in Microcopy Guides Sectioni HQ 1180 .H58 2000

Indian National Congress. Papers and Proceedings, 1885- 399 fiche Hollander Make Central

Text in English and Indian vernaculars

Ireland: Politics and Society through the Press, 1760-1922 29011 film -- 40 reels Remote Storage

DA 905 .I683 2001 Microcopy Guides is the reel guide for reels 1-360; we only have the first 40 reels, which is part 1. The papers included are: Ulsterman, r 1-6; Galway American, r. 7; Kerry Sentinel, r. 8-25; Limerick Reporter, r. 26-35; and Limerick Reporter and Tipperary Vindicator, r. 36-40.

Irish Political and Radical Newspapers of the 20th Century. 17239 film Remote Storage and 14873 film Remote Storage

Primary sources for the Nationalist movement leading to the Easter rising, in 1922, to the Partition and the Irish Free State. We have the papers Irish People, 1899-1909 and Cultural/General Nationalist.

London Trades Council. Minutes and Papers, 1860-1953. 14708 film Remote Storage

See London Trades Council, 1860-1950, a History HD 6462 .L7 L6, which can be used as a sort of guide. This title is in Remote Storage; ask at the Circulation desk in the Center lobby.

Melbourne, William Lamb, 2nd Viscount, 1779-1848. Melbourne Papers from the Royal Archives, Windsor Castle. 15185 - 51 reels Remote Storage

English statesman, famous Prime Minister during Queen Victoria's early years on the throne.

Pamphlets and Leaflets of the British Conservative and Unionist Party, 1868-1914 JN 1129 .C1 and part 2 fiche Hollander Make Central

Has materials from the National Union of Conservative Associations, Conservative Political Center, Conservative Central Office and Conservative and Unionist Party.

Pamphlets and Leaflets of the Trades Union Congress, 1887-1930. HD 6664 .T73 pts. 1-2 fiche Hollander Make Central

Unique file at the Trade's Union Congress headquarters in London.

Pamphlets on Socialism, Communism, Bolshevism, etc., 1849-1930. 14712 film Remote Storage

Assembled by the Library of Congress. Has titles by Engels, Bridges, Debs, Sinclair, Goldman, and Marx. Each reel has a list of contents.

Radical Periodicals of Great Britain, 1794-1881. titles cataloged separately - fiche Hollander Make Central

Contains periodicals which document social and political upheavals brought on by the industrial/economic revolution. Search the set title: Radical periodicals of Great Britain" into the online catalog to obtain a list of titles in the set.

Social and Political Status of Women in Britain. Rare Politics, Reforming and Professional Journals for and by Women, 1870-1928. 23059 - 17 reels Remote Storage

Taken from British Library sources, these journals cover all aspects of emancipation activities, especially education, work, religion, temperance, social reform, and the impact of World War I on women's lives. Names of periodicals included are in the online catalog; search the set title: social and political status of women in Britain to obtain a list of the titles included with dates.

Tyndall, John, 1820-1893 Catalog of Correspondence, Journal, and Collected Papers QC 16 .T9 - 34 fiche Hollander Make Central

British physicist

U.S. Department of State. Diplomatic Instructions of the Department of State to Great Britain, 1801-1906 20079 film Remote Storage

U.S. Embassy. Great Britain. Despatches from US Ministers to Great Britain, 1791-1906. 7863 film Remote Storage

Webb, Beatrice Potter, 1858-1943 The Diary of Beatrice Webb, 1873-1943. HX 243 .W41 - 243 fiche Hollander Make Central

English social reformer, historian, and economist. Index in Microcopy Guides at HX 243 .W41 A735.

Women's Autobiographies from Cambridge University Library 28973 --  22 reels Remote Storage

Guide in Microcopy Guides at CT 3230 .W66 2004.  Details the lives, thoughts, and relationships of women from different social backgrounds in England, Scotland, Wales, USA, and France. This project gives an insight into women's place in society, domestically and publicly, for the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Part 2 provides accounts and recollections of family history, differing regional cultures, childhood memoirs, inequality of education, different types of work undertaken by women and the wages received, women as voluntary workers and women's aspirations.