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Medieval West - Additional Web Resources: Literature

This is a guide to free web sites about the Medieval West: general and history, images, law, literature, science, women, philosophy, religion, scholarly organnizations, scholarly discussion lists.


An alphabetical list.   Please be sure to notice the link to HyperBibliography of Medieval English at the end of the page.

ARLIMA The Literature Archive of the Middle Ages

Les Archives de Litterature du Moyen Age (ARLIMA) was founded in 2005 for students and researchers specializing in the Middle Ages because creation of a bibliography on an author or a text has become so much more arduous because of the proliferation of printed and electronic bibliographical tools at scholars' disposal.  It provides as full bibliographic coverage as possible on a large number of authors and texts from the Middle Ages, mainly French and Latin languages, but not excluding other Western European languages.  Not exhaustive.  Maybe not even completely accurate.  It is not a directory of internet sites, but of printed works, mostly.

Dartmouth Dante Project

Includes the full-text of the Divine Comedy in Italian and commentaries from over 70 authors in Latin, Italian and English.  Dante Lab is their customizable, digital workspace for scholarly analysis of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, where you can compare editions, translations and commentaries, up to four texts at once.

Database of Middle English Romance

Sponsored by Univ. of York.  Contains over 80 romances, with date and place of composition, verse form, authorship and sources, extant MSS and early modern imprints, along with list of modern editions and plot summaries.

Database of Early English Playbooks (DEEP)

Contains every playbook produced in England, Scotland, and Ireland from the beginning of printing to 1660.  Database created by Alan B. Farmer, Ohio State U. and Zachary Lesser, U. of Pa.  Contains single playbooks as well as collections of them.  For scholars of 15th, 16th, and 17th c. English lit.

Digital Catalogue of the pre-1500 Manuscripts and Incunables of the Canterbury Tales Second Edition

By Dan Mosser.  Contains descriptions of the eighty-four fifteenth-century manuscripts of the Canterbury Tales and of the individual copies of the four incunable editions. Accompanying articles discuss lost manuscripts and individual scribes.

Geoffrey Chaucer Website or Geoffrey Chaucer Website

Both from Harvard University.  First listed link appears newer.  Contains a life of Chaucer, chronology, full text of Canterbury Tales, teach yourself Chaucer, interlinear translations of some of the tales, Chaucer’s language, Middle English, extensive bibliography on Chaucer and his writings, links to full texts of works of other authors, English and classical, links to other related literary subjects of the period, links to documents of the period on courtly love, life and manners, pilgrimage, and medieval science.

Helsinki Corpus of English Texts

The Helsinki Corpus of English Texts is a structured multi-genre diachronic corpus, which includes periodically organized text samples from Old, Middle and Early Modern English. Each sample is preceded by a list of parameter codes giving information on the text and its author. The Corpus is useful particularly in the study of the change of linguistic features in long diachrony. It can be used as a diagnostic corpus giving general information of the occurrence of forms, structures and lexemes in different periods of English.


This is a prototype for the database of Middle English Verse. It includes, so far, 270,000 lines of data from 1250-1500 and is searchable.

LALME Online

Online version of Linguistic Atlas of Late Mediaeval English.; the print version is in the oversize section of the Main Library at PE 1705 .M35 1985 v. 1-4 and guide.  A work in progress.  From their website:  "conceived and funded as a three-year project, of which the prime aim was to publish the content of LALME as a website. In principle, the revision of the atlas content was limited to what two of its makers could accomplish within those three years. The revision has therefore been piecemeal, and unavoidably so: our concern has been to remedy, so far as we have been able, those parts we knew to be defective. We have had to decide between the essential and the desirable, and are aware more of what still needs doing than of what has so far been done. Publication in electronic form, however, is not the closure that is enforced by print, and revision will continue."

Literary Resources--Medieval

By Jack Lynch, Rutgers University, who also does pages for other literary periods.  A metasite with links to: primary sources in Old and Middle English, Italian, and French, modern criticism, academic sites, journals, and organizations for medievalists.

Literature and Criticism MSU Libraries

By MSU U.S. and U.K. Literature librarian Michael Rodriguez.  Offers an introduction to doing literary research using the M.S.U. Libraries' resources.

Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature

Medieval, Renaissance, 17th Century and Restoration and 18th Century literary texts. Entries for each author include: works, biography, criticism, quotations and links. Texts are from The Norton Anthology of English Literature, 6th ed.

Malory Project

Winchester Manuscript of Sir Thomas Malory's Morte d'Arthur along with two Caxton editions in the Rylands (U. of Manchester) and Morgan (NYC) libraries.  A commercial,.com, site directed by Takato Kato, designed and maintained by Nick Hayward.  Images digitized by Toshiyuki Takamiya and Masaaki Kashimura, 2003.

Medieval Lyric

From Mt. Holyoke College. The Medieval Lyric, a set of Anthologies and compact discs, and Teaching Medieval Lyric with Modern Technology, a CD-ROM application, offers a variety of materials for the teaching of medieval song. These materials include recordings of the songs, modern musical and textual transcriptions and facing English translations, selected readings for pronunciation, and related manuscript images. Brief commentaries and longer essays by noted scholars show how the materials can be adapted to different types of courses.The repertories stretch from the 11th to the 14th centuries.

Middle English Compendium see link to HyperBibliography of Middle English at the bottom of this page.

Middle English Romance

Sponsored by University of York, provides access to over 80 romances, including the date and place of composition, verse form, authorship and sources, extant manuscripts, lists of early modern imprints, lists of modern editions, and plot summaries.

OEN Bibliography Database

Since 1967, the Old English Newsletter has offered its readers news, reports, articles and information about Anglo-Saxon studies. Each year OEN publishes a comprehensive Bibliography that is widely regarded as one of the best research tools in the field; the Bibliography records recent work on Anglo-Saxon literature, language, history, art, archaeology, and other topics. This site presents the annual OEN Bibliography in a searchable database. The database currently contains the annual bibliographies from 1973 to 2005—over 20,000 entries—with new items added annually. These can be browsed by subject, scanned for keywords (using AND, OR, and NOT conditions), or searched by specific fields. Searches can be limited to a single year or range of years, and results can be sorted by author, title, or date. Individual items can be viewed in detail; the detailed view includes a list of reviews (for books), and links to related items. You can save single items or entire sets of search results, and your list of saved items can be printed, saved to disk, or sent via email. Access to the OEN Bibliography database is free, but is limited to registered users. Please click Register/Log In at left to register; a valid email address is required to complete your registration.

Online Medieval and Classical Library

A collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization." The site is searchable or browsable by title, author, genre, and original language (all works translated save for those in Middle English).

Princeton Charrette Project

From Princeton University.  A website devoted to the Old French narrative romance, Le Chevalier de la Charrette (Lancelot), composed by Chretien de Troyes around 1180, telling the tale of Lancelot and his love for King Arthur’s wife, Guinevere. Became Prose Lancelot in 13thc., the primary source for Mallory’s Morte d’Arthur, which is the source for modern retellings. Contains the Old French version, a searchable version of this work which uses the software of the ARTFL project, and a modern translation by Karl D. Uitti, of Princeton University, published in 1989.  Googling the title of the project here on Oct. 23, 2019 reveals that there are several versions of the resource, in addition to this one.  For the link here under "About" it says: "This web site provides a stable snapshot of the scholarly content of the Charrette Project at the time of Prof. Uitti's passing. The purpose of this snapshot is to commemorate the contribution of Prof. Uitti and his team of charretteurs to both Old French scholarship and digital philology, and to provide other scholars in the field access to the materials associated with this contribution."

Robbins Library Digital Projects

From University of Rochester.  Several projects.  Camelot Project is a collection of Arthurian texts, images, interviews, and basic info.  TEAMS Middle English Texts has online full text Middle English works with glosses and notes.  The Robin Hood Project is a collection of texts, images, and information on the Robin Hood tradition.  The Crusades Project is materials on the crusades in English literature.  The Cinderella Bibliography is an extensive bibliography of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast texts, films, music, objects, and criticism.  Visualizing Chaucer documents through a bibliography and numerous images the history of illustration of Chaucer's works.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight MS Online

Digital facsimile of BL MS Cotton Nero A.x. (art. 3).  180 images of all four texts in the MS will eventually be accompanied by a transcription of the poems with new introductory essays along with its texts and illustrations.  From University of Calgary.

TEAMS Middle English Texts

An important, general web access to Middle English literature, this is a growing archive of 284 texts (284 in spring, 2004.) Contains excellent editions useful for student study and in teaching. Does not include the major "canonical" texts by Chaucer or Langland (Gower is available).


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