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Medieval West - Additional Web Resources: Philosophy

This is a guide to free web sites about the Medieval West: general and history, images, law, literature, science, women, philosophy, religion, scholarly organnizations, scholarly discussion lists.


Alphabetical list.

Electronic Grosseteste

Directed by James R. Ginther, St. Louis University.  A freely accessible, web-based project that supports advanced research in the life and works of Robert Grosseteste (ca. 1170-1253)  specifically, and in medieval studies generally.  Materials relating to the thirteenth century may also be found here. Contains over 50 authentic texts of Robert Grosseteste, over a million words of Latin text.

Franciscan Authors 13th-18th Century: a Catalogue in Progress

From Bert Roest and Maartyn van der Heijden in the Netherlands.  Offers brief biographical information and suggestions for reading.  Links along left side allow for look up by surname. Has a section on Franciscan provinces (geographical) with the names of their facilities.  Bibliography of citations to "miraculous lives."  Links to other sites with information on the Franciscans in the Medieval period.

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

From Peter Suber, Earlham College.  Allows one to look up for philosophers, e texts, bibliographies, journals, etc.  Choose topics.  Scroll down to medieval.  There is a link to a Medieval Logic and Philosophy site that is extensive, but not being updated.

Interactive Historical Atlas of the Disciplines

Aims at collecting and mapping data related to the history of the disciplinary structure of science. Launched in 2018 at the University of Geneva, this collaborative website provides several tools to explore the various 'classifications of the sciences' put forward by numerous scholars over the centuries, and to visualize the evolution of disciplinary borders from Antiquity to our days.
The ultimate goal of this project is to reconstruct the genealogical tree of the sciences, namely, the "table of contents" of the history of human knowledge. As such, the present atlas should be of interest not only to historians, but also to philosophers, sociologists and anyone interested in the history of their discipline and its relations to others sciences.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook Selected Sources: Intellectual Life

From Fordham University. 

Medieval Philosophy Digital Resources

From Societe Internationale l'Etude de la Philosophie Medievale, Jean-Luc Solere, Boston College.  Offers links to: bio/bibliographies, editions of texts, manuscripts, online scholarship, reference works, and meta sites, research centers, projects, and societies.

Philosophy Around the Web, Sites by Topic: Medieval Philosophy

From Peter King, Pembroke College, Oxford.  One section from his site Philosophy Around the Web.

Philosophy Documentation Center

Not-profit publisher and resource center in Charlottesville, Va.  Has an E Collection that provides access to scholarly journals, book series, conference proceedings, and other publications in the humanities and social sciences.

Philosophy Research Guide

From M.S.U. Libraries.  Has a tab called "Philosophy on the Web."

Richard Rufus of Cornwall Project

Based at Stanford University, with participation from American and international scholars.  Richard Rufus of Cornwall was an early scholastic philosopher-theologian who taught at the Universities of Paris and Oxford between 1231 and 1255. He played a crucial role in the transformation of philosophy and theology that characterized thirteenth-century Western intellectual life.  The project is preparing critical editions of his works. 


From Jacob Schmutz, Universite Paris-IV Sorbonne.  A site dedicated to the study of Late Scholasticism, both Catholic and Protestant (16th–17th centuries). Includes a growing database of authors with biographical descriptions, a book review section, an e-mail directory and links to useful institutions. The working language of the site is French, but it is open to contributions in any language.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry for Medieval Philosophy part on other internet resources

At the end of the list of internet sites there are links offered to the articles in this encyclopedia on a host of medieval philosophers' names.  This could be useful if you seek work on particular philosophers of this period.

Timeline of Medieval Philosophers

From King's College, London.  Chronological list of philosophers with dates and links to podcasts.

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