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Michigan State University

Dance Research Guide: Indexes for Scholarship

Indexes and Bibliographies for Dance Research

International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance: Indexes books and articles of scholarship back to the early 1980s.

Dance Education Literature and Research Descriptive Index (DELdi): NO FULL TEXT. Must find articles by searching the library catalog for journal titles.

ERIC (Education Resources Information Center): A index to sources (though NOT all scholarly) about education issues. Preponderance is on K-12 education.

SportDiscus: Offers bibliographic access to the complete range of sport disciplines and subdisciplines, including sports medicine, applied physiology, training, and DANCE training and education.

JSTOR: Full text of selected scholarly journals retrospective to eighteenth century. "Rolling wall" for current content is approximately 5 years.

Project Muse: Much smaller journal list than JSTOR, but provides current content.

Periodicals Index Online (and Periodicals Archive Online): Indexes articles that go back to before eighteenth century. NOT a full-text resource, though links may appear from PAO content.

Music Index: Retrospective coverage of the paper index goes back to 1949. Index ONLY, though there are links to JSTOR content, and from various other vendors.