Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: International Combined

Collection Management Issues

  1. Duplicate copies
    • Duplicate copies are usually not purchased.
    • Duplicate copies in the collection should be weeded, unless usage is very high.
  2. Replacements
  3. Decisions about replacements are made on case-by-case basis.

  4. Preservation
  5. The preservation policies of the MSU Libraries are incorporated into the collection maintenance activities of bibliographers.

  6. Gifts
  7. Materials are accepted with the understanding that most items received may not be added to the collection. The library reserves the right to dispose of unneeded materials by sale, as giveaways, or as an exchange or gift to other libraries. A donor may be asked to list journal titles and volumes so that the library can check holdings before accepting journals. The following types of material are normally not accepted: outdated textbooks, paperbacks, and books in poor condition. Donors are encouraged to discuss potential donations directly with a librarian prior to bringing gifts to the library.

  8. Reviewing
  9. Through appropriate collection renewal activities, including deselection, relocation and replacement, the collection is regularly reviewed.

  10. Textbooks
  11. Textbooks are not purchased.

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