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U.S. Regional Historical Newspapers: ProQuest Historical

Selecting ProQuest Historical Databases

  1. Go to the ProQuest "Advanced Search"
  2. Click on "Searching ...Databases"
  3. Uncheck "Select All"
  4. Scroll down until you see the database(s) you want
  5. Check the databases you want
  6. Click the "Use selected databases" button

Types of Databases


  • Historical Annual Reports -- 150 years of annual reports from more than 800 leading North American companies.
  • American Periodicals Series -- digitized images of the pages of American magazines and journals published from colonial days to the dawn of the 20th century. 
  • ProQuest Civil War -- nine regionally balanced cover-to-cover newspapers and nearly 2,000 pamphlets offer comprehensive coverage of a vast range of Civil War Era research topics. The newspapers:
    • Boston Mass.: Boston Herald (1846-1865)
    • Charleston, S.C.: Charleston Mercury (1840-1865)
    • Columbus, Ohio:
      • Daily Ohio State Journal (1840-1853) [title varies]
      • Columbus Gazette (1858-1865)
    • Louisville, Ky.: Louisville Daily Journal (18401865)
    • Memphis, Tenn.: Memphis Daily Appeal (1840-1865)
    • New Orleans, La.: Daily Picayune (1840-1865)
    • New York. N.Y.: New York Herald (1840-1865)
    • Richmond, Va.:  Daily Dispatch (1852-1865)


African American Newspapers:

  • Atlanta Daily World (1931-2003)
  • Chicago Defender (1910-1975)
  • Los Angeles Sentinel (1934-2005)
  • New York Amsterdam News ((1922-1993)
  • Pittsburgh Courier (1911-2002)

Major Metropolitan Newspapers:

Major International Newspapers

  • Jerusalem Post (1932-1988)
  • Times of India (1838-2001)







The Historical Databases use same searching software as the "regular" ProQuest Databases. However, the are two key differences:

  • There are no subject searches. You have to use keywords.
  • There are just two "More Search Options":
    • Author
    • Document Type -- limit your search to sections of a publication, such as "Comic" or "Review." Use this option with care. You can inadvertantly limit the results of your search.