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IAH 201 - U.S. And The World: The Pro's vs. Con's of a Topic

This course focuses on sport and sporting culture in the US and abroad. It will examine how sport has affected and continues to affect the relationship that the U.S. has with itself and with the rest of the world.

Viewpoint Sources

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center   

The Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center is a database covering a variety of social issues including gun control, genetic engineering, censorship, abortion, and terrorism. This resource contains articles as well as statistics, biographies of social activists, court cases, profiles of special interest groups and more.


CQ Researcher  

This web file provides 48 reports a year on current, hot, and controversial topics such as "Embryo Research," "Rethinking Ritalin," "Drinking on Campus," and "Subsidized Access to the Internet for the Poor." Among the file's beauties are its balanced introductions to these issues; others include its generous selection of cross references to past reports, excellent tables and graphs, and clear instructions on how to cite the resource. A full text product.

Contact Info:

Sharon Ladenson: 

email -

phone - 517-884-0891


Sheila Bryant:

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phone - 517-884-0896

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