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Checking Out MSU Library Books: Information for High School Teachers and Students: Home




* Michigan residents not currently affiliated with Michigan State University (“Community Borrowers”) may only check out books. Journals, magazines, and other periodicals are not eligible for checkout, but photocopies are only 9c/page at the Main Library Copy Center (second floor of the west wing).


* Community borrowers may only check out material for their own use.  (In other words, teachers may not check out books for their students; students may not check out books for other students.)


* To simplify and speed the creation of library cards, if time allows, forms will be emailed to the teacher as soon as the high school visit is scheduled. Completed forms must be received (by mail, FAX, or in person delivery) no later than five business days before the scheduled visit.


* For students not yet eighteen years of age, a parent or guardian must sign the form to accept responsibility if books are damaged or not returned. (A library card is a “contract” between the borrower and the MSU Libraries. In Michigan, persons younger than eighteen may not enter into contracts.)  These forms also require the parent/guardian’s driver’s license number or State of Michigan ID card number and the parent/guardian’s email address.


* Students who are eighteen or older may sign their own forms.


* Required information includes: Name, home address, home phone number, student’s email address, student’s driver’s license number (if applicable), name of high school, and teacher’s name (if applicable).


* Students must bring a driver’s license or school photo ID to check out books on the day of the visit and any other time they wish to check out material.


* If students come to MSU as a class, they may be asked to wait in one line so other MSU Library borrowers will not be delayed.


* Students will receive an email “welcome letter” the day after first checking out books.  Students are responsible for knowing the contents of the letter, as well as the MSU Libraries Lending Policies and Borrower Responsibilities; a link to policies is in the welcome letter.


Please email any questions to Erin Weller, Head of Circulation, MSU Libraries, ferriser@



      Last updated: 07-29-2019








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