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Nineteenth Century Literature: Newspapers

Primary and secondary sources for the study of English and American Lit of the nineteenth century.

Newspaper Resources

  • British Newspapers (1600-1900)
    This is a cross-searchable interface for the '17th and 18th Century Burney Collection' and '19th Century British Library Newspapers'.
  • New York Times (1851-2005)

    Full-text, PDF. The variety of information spanning more than 150 years found in The New York Times provides resources applicable to the study of the Arts, Business, Communications and Media, Economics, Geography, Government, Health, History, Language Arts, Science, Technology, and more.
  • Times of London

    Full text of TIMES OF LONDON, from its beginning (1785) to 2006.


Every item ever printed in the paper, from 1842 to 2003, can be searched and browsed article by article and page by page.

  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers include: CHICAGO TRIBUNE, NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, LOS ANGELES TIMES, and THE DETROIT NEWS back to their first issues.