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Food Science Resources: Finding Articles

Suggested resources for research in the area of food science and technology.


To search the contents of magazines, journals, and newspapers for articles on a particular topic, use a periodical index or database. Most include abstracts summarizing the article content and some provide the full text of articles. An index/database may be subject-specific or multi-disciplinary; it may cover just the popular literature, only scholarly publications, or a mixture. Consult this chart for help distinguishing between popular vs. scholarly periodicals.

Which index/database should I use?

For help in identifying an appropriate index/database, browse indexes by subject using the drop down menu. Depending on your research, you may need to browse several subjects: e.g., Biological Sciences, Food Science & Nutrition, Government, Law, Packaging, Public Policy, Veterinary Medicine.

Once you've connected to the desired index, you can search for articles by keyword(s). Different databases may use different terminology or spelling, so be flexible in your choice of keywords, considering synonyms/alternate terms (e.g., shelflife vs. shelf life; genetically modified organisms vs. GMOs) and various word endings (e.g., singular vs. plural). Examine the subject headings or descriptors associated with articles of interest to identify other potentially useful keywords.

A Few Suggested Indexes

Subject Guide

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