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Zotero: Training at MSU

Reference Management Tool

Zotero Instructors

Please feel free to contact our Zotero instructors with any questions about our workshops, or for general inquiries about using Zotero.  However, we are not able to provide advanced technical support.  Please visit Zotero Support for documentation and troubleshooting forums.

Contact the Zotero team at

Hui Hua Chua
Zotero Coordinator and Instructor

Carin Graves
Zotero Instructor

Ranti Junus
Zotero Instructor

Lisa Robinson
Zotero Instructor

Learning Zotero

Learn at the MSU Libraries:

The MSU Libraries offer free Zotero workshops for MSU students, faculty, and staff. Several classes are offered every semester.

To see a list of classes and to register to attend, please visit the Calendar of Library Events, Seminars, and Workshops.

Additional workshops can also be arranged for classes or groups. To discuss this, please contact the Zotero team:

Learn on your own:

The Zotero Quick Start Guide will orientate you to the tool and should be enough to get you going.

The Zotero Support Documentation page provides further explanation of its features.

Workshop Examples

These examples are for use during MSU Libraries' Zotero workshops.

Saving Citations by Identifier Numbers

Article title: Inadvertant plagiarism in everday life

Article title: Plagiarism: Why is it such a big issue for medical writers?

Book title: The little book of plagiarism

Creating Citations from PDFs - (Group 1)
Article title: Judging plagiarism: a problem of morality and convention
Article title: Instructor perceptions of plagiarism

Creating Citations from PDFs - (Group 2)
Article title: Scientific plagiarism and the theft of ideas
Article title: Write from wrong

Adding Attachments to Citations

Article title: The persistence of plagiarism, the riddle of originality

Stored Files
Article title: Giving credit where credit is due: A study of anti-plagiarism detection software in the classroom

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