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Finding Country Info: Public Opinion

A short guide to finding MSU Library Resources on countries of the world



  • Comparative Study of Electoral Systems is a collaborative program of research among election study teams from around the world. Participating countries include a common module of survey questions in their post-election studies. The resulting data are deposited along with voting, demographic, district and macro variables. The studies are then merged into a single, free, public dataset for use in comparative study and cross-level analysis.


  • Gallup World Poll has ongoing research projects in more than 150 countries. Access to limited data is available for free.



  • Pew Global Attitudes Project is a series of worldwide public opinion surveys that encompasses a broad array of subjects ranging from people’s assessments of their own lives to their views about the current state of the world and important issues of the day. More than 175,000 interviews in 55 countries have been conducted as part of the project’s work.


  • Polling the Nations is the most comprehensive collection of public opinion, with information from not only in the United States but also more than 80 countries around the world. The database includes the full text of the questions and responses covering a broad range of issues.


  • provides information and analysis about public opinion on international policy issues from around the world. While the studies of the network figure prominently, the website draws together data from a wide variety of sources from around the world. A project of the Program on International Policy Attitudes.


  • World Values Survey is a worldwide network of social scientists studying changing values and their impact on social and political life in collaboration with the European Values Study. Representative national samples of each society’s public are interviewed, using a standardized questionnaire that measures changing values concerning religion, gender roles, work motivations, democracy, good governance, social capital, political participation, tolerance of other groups, environmental protection and subjective wellbeing. Five waves of surveys have been executed since 1981. Alternative access: ICPSR.

World Regions

  • Afghanistan: a Survey of the Afghan People is periodically conducted by the Asia Foundation (back to 2004).  The survey aims to provide a national assessment of perceptions in key policy areas such as security, economy, governance, democratic values, women and society.


  • Afrobarometer is an independent, nonpartisan research project that measures the social, political, and economic atmosphere in Africa. Alternative access: ICPSR.


  • Asiabarometer is the largest ever comparative survey in Asia, covering East, Southeast, South and Central Asia. Alternative access: ICPSR (study nos. 4300 and 20420)


  • Asia – Mansfield Asian Opinion Poll Database monitors key public opinion trends in Northeast Asia and has collected and translated top-of-the line opinion polls on key policy-related issues from major media organizations and other agencies in Japan and South Korea.



  • Canadian Opinion Research Archive makes available commercial and independent surveys to the academic, research and journalistic communities. Founded in 1992, CORA contains hundreds of surveys including thousands of discrete items collected by major commercial Canadian firms dating back to the 1970s.


  • Eurobarometer surveys are the products of a unique program of cross-national and cross-temporal social science research that monitor the public opinion of the European Union. Alternative access: ICPSR and GESIS.


  • European Values Study is a large-scale, cross-national, and longitudinal survey research program on basic human values. It provides insights into the ideas, beliefs, preferences, attitudes, values and opinions of citizens all over Europe since 1981. Alternative access: ICPSR and GESIS.


  • European Social Survey is a biennial multi-country survey covering over 30 nations. Its aim is to measure and explain trends in attitudes, beliefs and values across countries in Europe and its close neighbors. Step by step guide to the study provided by ESDS International.


  • Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) has produced more than 60 surveys analyzing major topics of great interest to political and social scientists, Latin Americanists, government officials, and interested citizens.


  • Latinobarometro is an annual public opinion survey, conducted in 18 countries in Latin America, representing more than 400 million people. MSU subscribes to the data files in the data bank and the online analysis module.


  • Russia – FOM: Public Opinion Foundation conducts weekly nationwide representative polls of the urban and rural populations through the extensive network of its regional branches and partner organizations situated in almost all areas of Russia.
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