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Multicultural and Diverse Children's Literature

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Elizabeth Webster
Education Librarian
Children's & Young Adult Literature Librarian
Subjects: Education

Books in MSU Libraries

  • Across Cultures : A Guide to Multicultural Literature for Children / Kathy East and Rebecca L. Thomas.
    Call number: Z1037 .E19 2007
    Location: Main Library, Basement
    Contents: Identity, self-image, and learning -- Families, friends, and neighborhoods -- Traditions--food, art, poetry, music, and celebrations -- Traditions--folktales -- Exploring the past in diverse communities -- Knowing today's world -- Parent-child book discussion groups -- Literature circles.

  • An Annotated Bibliography of Multi-Cultural Literature for Children Three to Ten Years / Guda Gayle-Evans.
    Call number: E184.A1 G39 2004
    Location: Main Library, 2 East

  • Best Books for Boys: A Resource for Educators / Matthew D. Zbaracki.
    Call number: Z1039.B67 Z23 2008
    Location: Main Library, Basement East

  • Black History in the Pages of Children's Literature / Rose Casement.
    Call number:  PS173 N4 XC37 2008
    Location:  Main Library, 4 East

  • Booktalking Around the World:  Great Global Reads for Ages 9-14 / Sonja Cole.
    Call number:  Z1003.15 C696 2010
    Location:  Main Library, Basement East
    Contents: Africa -- Asia -- Europe -- South and Central America -- North America -- Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands -- Arctic and Antarctica -- Ancient civilizations.

  • Crossing Boundaries with Children's Books./ Doris Gebel.
    Call number: Z1037.A1 C825 2006
    Location Main Library, Basement East

  • Ethnic Book Awards: A Directory of Multicultural Literature for Young Readers / Sherry York.
    Call number: Z1037.A2 Y67 2005
    Location Main Library, Basement East

  • Everyone's Kid's Books: A Guide to Multicultural, Socially Conscious Books for Children / Nancy Braus, Molly Geidel.
    Call number: Z1037.A1 B69 2000
    Location: Main Library, Basement East

  • Exploring Culturally Diverse Literature for Children and Adolescents: Learning to Listen in New Ways / Darwin L. Henderson, Jill P. May.
    Call number: Z1037.A1 H46 2005
    Location: Main Library, Basement East

  • Global Perspectives in Children's Literature / Evelyn B. Freeman and Barbara A. Lehman.
    Call number: PN1009.A1 F69 2001
    Location: Main Library, 4 East
    Brief but well done overviews of suggested literature from a variety of viewpoints, including content themes, genre, and award books. This presentation would be especially valuable to the beginner, offering an historic perspective, and a discussion of issues such as translation, availability, and evaluation.

  • Hearing all the voices : multicultural books for adolescents / Mary Ann Darby, Miki Pryne
    Call number: Z1037.A1 D18 2002
    Location: Main Library, Basement East
    This listing uses "culture" in the broad sense to include more than just ethnic diversity. The book includes suggestions for how to use recommended titles in the classroom. The authors define adolescent as roughly the ages between 11-15.

  • Many Peoples One Land: a Guide to New Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults/ Alethea K. Helbig & Agnes Regan Perkins.
    Call number: PS173.E8 H42 2001
    Location: Main Library, 4 East

  • Multicultural American History Through Children's Literature / Deborah A. Ellermeyer, Kay A. Chick.
    Call number: E184.A1 E396 2003
    Location: Main Library, 2 East

  • Multicultural Children's Literature: Through the Eyes of Many Children / Donna E. Norton.
    Call number: PS153.M56 N675 2009
    Location: Main Library, 4 East

  • Multicultural Literature and Response: Affirming Diverse Voices / Lynn Atkinson Smolen and Ruth A. Oswald, editors.
    Call number: PS153.M56 M846 2011
    Location: Online ebook.
    Contents: Introduction to Multicultural Literature / Ruth Oswald and Lynn Smolen -- Integrating Multicultural Literature through the Curriculum / Lynn Smolen -- Voices of Multicultural Authors / Darwin L. Henderson and Teresa Young -- The Power of Illustration in Multicultural Picture Books : Unfolding Visual Literacy / Francis S. Broadway and Douglas M. Conkle -- Exploring African American Children's Literature / Claudette Shackelford McLinn, Yolanda A. Reed, John A. Casper & Sarah King -- Taking a Critical Look at American Indians in Children's Literature / Donna Sabis-Burns -- The Journey Continues : Exploring the Literature of Asian and Pacific Island Cultures / Avis M. Masuda and Michele M. Ebersole -- Latino Literature for Children and Adolescents / F. Isabel Campoy and Alma Flor Ada -- Exploring Appalachian Children's Literature / Carolyn S. Brodie -- Representations not Representation : Exploring Middle East Children's Literature / Ruth McKoy Lowery -- Supporting English Language Learners : Literature Development with Culturally Relevant Books / Nancy L. Hadaway and Terrell A. Young -- Do Tell! Multicultural Folk Stories in the Classroom and Library / Jacqueline K. Peck -- Linking Audiovisuals with Multicultural Literature / Meghan Harper -- Using Multicultural Mentor Texts to Teach Writing / Barbara Moss -- Reading Fluency and Multicultural Literature / Belinda Zimmerman, Timothy Rasinski, and Tracy Foreman -- Promoting Multicultural Literature and Literacy : Awards, Conferences, Library Initiatives and Outreach Programs / Barbara Ward

  • Problem-Posing with Multicultural Children's Literature: Developing Critical Early Childhood Curricula / Elizabeth P. Quintero.
    Call number: LC196 .Q87 2004
    Location: Main Library, 4 East

  • Promoting a Global Community Through Multicultural Children's Literature / Stanley F. Steiner; illustrations by Peggy Hokom; foreword by Alma Flor Ada.
    Call number: LC1090 .S75 2001
    Location: Main Library, 4 East

  • Reading Instruction for Diverse Classrooms: Research-based, Culturally Responsive Practice / Ellen McIntyre, Nancy Hulan, Vicky Layne.
    Call number: LB1573 .M3917 2011
    Location: Online ebook.

  • Understanding Diversity Through Novels and Picture Books / Liz Knowles and Martha Smith.
    Call number: Z1037.A1 D18 2002
    Location: Main Library, Basement East.
    Contents: Introduction -- Research -- Authenticity -- Asian -- African/Black -- Asians -- Biracial/multiracial -- Latino (Latin America)/Hispanic (Spanish) -- Middle East -- Native American/First Nation/North American indigenous -- White/European -- Ageism -- Exceptionalities -- Gender -- Sexual orientation -- Socioeconomic status -- Religion.

  • Venture Into Cultures: A Resource Book of Multicultural Materials and Programs, Second edition/ Olga R. Kuharets, editor.
    Call number: Z688.M84 V46 2001
    Location: Main Library, Basement

  • Windows on the World : International Books for Elementary and Middle Grade Readers, / Rosanne Blass.
    Call number: LB1527 .B56 2009
    Location: Main Library, 4 East