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Finding Business Articles

Finding the Full Text of Articles After Searching an Index

Many indexes provide the full text of articles; however, many others do not. For those that do not, there are several ways to find the full text of articles (either in print format or online) after you have searched an index. The steps are detailed below:

Step 1: Look for a Link
When searching an index for articles (such as ProQuest or OmniFile Full Text Select), take a look at your results screen or a more detailed record of the item you want to retrieve. Often there a link to the full text of the article somewhere on the results screen or in the detailed record. The link may say Jump to Full Text, View Full Text, Text with GraphicsPage Image,  or  PDF   If one of those links appears, click on it and you will retrieve the full text of the article.
If there is no link to the full text, go to Step 2.
Step 2: Find Articles through Find Text@MSU
Look for a Find Text@MSUlink within the record of the article. If there is one, click on it and a new window will open with a series of options for finding the full text. Options will vary but may include:
  • Find Full Text at…If an online version of the item is available, one or more links will appear in this category. Usually this links directly to a specific article. Sometimes it may link to the table of contents for a journal issue, a list of volumes and issues available for a specific journal, or a search screen. You will then need to navigate or perform a search to reach the full text of the article. Sometimes multiple links offer you a choice of full-text options. If one does not work, try another.
  • Check Library Catalog… This is a shortcut to search the MSU Libraries’ catalog for availability using multiple search methods (by journal title, title, ISSN or ISBN). Even if the full text is not available online, a print copy may be.
  • Request a copy... This is a shortcut to the MSU Libraries’ interlibrary loan service. If an item is not available online or in print at the MSU Libraries, this link helps you request the item through ILLiad.
If there is no Find Text@MSU link, go to Step 3.
Step 3: Finding Articles When No Link is Available
I have my citations, so where are the articles?
To find articles when all you have is a citation, you will need to search the Library Catalog for the title of the journal you need.
The results will to tell you whether or not the library subscribes to the journal and has the issue that you need, in a print or digital format. Remember: search the  name of the journal, not the title of the article.
I found the journal listed in the library catalog, so how do I know if you have the issue that I need?
Click the journal name to see the whole catalog record. For printed journals, the section "LIBRARY HAS" shows the range of volumes/issues and years available in the MSU Libraries .You will also see the call number and a location (such as the "Main Library" stacks or a branch library). For an online journal there will be a link labeled "Full text available from..." or "Connect to..." and the years available will be included.
Where can I find print journals, magazines, and newspapers?
Current issues of many magazines, journals and newspapers are arranged alphabetically by title in the Periodical Room on 2-West in the Main Library. Some may be found in the branch libraries. Earlier issues of journals and magazines typically are bound and shelved in the stacks (with books on the same subjects) by call number.
I didn't find the name of the journal I need in the catalog, so how can I get the article?
If the MSU Libraries do not have electronic or print access to the journal you need, you can ask the library to request a copy of an article from another library, free of charge. To make requests from another library, please see Request Non-MSU Materials. Note: you will need the whole citation (author, article title, journal title, volume, date, pages) to complete the necessary request forms.
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