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Resources for general animal health and pet care information. Last updated: 12/11/23.

Client Education and Pet Care

Should You Trust Pet Health Care Websites?

The Internet has made it incredibly easy to find and share all types of information, including health-related topics, but it can be extremely difficult to tell if the information is reliable. These questions are just a few that you should ask yourself when evaluating information you find online.

  1. Who runs the site? It should be easy to find out who is responsible for the site and the information it contains. Also consider who funds the site. The source of money to run the site can greatly influence what information is presented.
  2. How current is the information? The site should be reviewed and updated frequently to provide the most current information available. Especially in medicine, practices change often based on new research and scientific evidence.
  3. Where is the information coming from? If the site includes information from other sources, links to these sites should be included. There should also be documentation that identifies the evidence upon which the material is based.

For more on evaluating health information, see the Evaluating Health Information topic from MedlinePlus.

Pet Health Information Websites