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Michigan State University

Resources on the Safety of Minors at Michigan State University: Books

Books in the MSU Libraries

Handbook of child sexual abuse : identification, assessment, and treatment / edited by Paris Goodyear-Brown. John Wiley & Sons, 2012.

Basic camp management: an introduction to camp administration / Armand and Beverly Ball.  American Camping Association, 2009.
Includes program development, staff orientation and training, risk management, personnel policies and termination, much more.

Bullying: a guide to research, intervention and prevention / Faye Mishna. Oxford University Press, 2012.
Definition, prevalence, intervention, treatment and controversies.  Includes Cyberbullying.

Child sexual abuse: its scope and our failure / Rebecca M. Bolen. Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, 2001.
Historical context of theory development, prevalence, incidence, risk of abuse and of offending.  Argues that society's response is failing because of myth-bound concepts rather than use of empirical evidence.

Creating and maintaining safe college campuses: a sourcebook for evaluating and enhancing safety programs / edited by Jerlando F.L. Jackson and Melvin Cleveland Tyrrell.  Stylus, 2007.
Covers high-risk drinking, hate crimes, sexual violence, weapons, comprehensive safety plans.

Handbook for campus safety and security reporting / U.S. Department of Education, 2016

The hazing reader / edited by Hank Newer. Indiana University Press, 2004.
Hazing in college fraternities and sororities, hazing and gender, traumatic injuries, institutional liability, initiating change by transforming hazing culture.

Predators: pedophiles, rapists and other sex offenders: who they are, how they operate, and how we can protect ourselves and our children / Anna C. Salter. Basic Books, 2003.

Preventing bullying and school violence / Stewart W. Twemlow and Frank C. Sacco. American Psychiatric Pub., 2012.
Describes factors that make bullying such a complex problem, creating a healthy academic environment, roles of bystanding audience.

Spoilsports: understanding and preventing sexual exploitation in sport / Celia H. Brackenridge. Routeledge, 2001.
This book documents sexual harassment and abuse that occur in athletic settings.  Includes academic research, theory, practical guidelines for athletes, coaches, administrators and policy makers.

Understanding and preventing child sexual abuse: critical summaries of 500 key studies / Christopher Bagley, Wilfreda E. Thursdon with Leslie M. Tutty. Arena, 1996.  Volume 1: Children: assessment, social work and clinical issues, and prevention education. Volume 2: Male victims, adolescents, adult outcomes and offender treatment.

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