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Electronic Textbook (eTexts) Pilot @ MSU: Print Options

This guide is designed to help students in MSU's Fall 2012 eText pilot courses (ADV205, ISS310-005, NUR823/837, & TC101).

Print Textbook Options

There are three main ways you can obtain a print copy of your eText.

  1. Printing On Your Own:
    You can print the entire eText on your own using a computer/printer. You may only print 50 pages at a time in Courseload. When you select print from Courseload, it may take a few minutes to load and for the print window to appear.

  2. Order a Print-On-Demand Copy:
    You may order a print-on-demand (POD) version of the eText at a reduced price. POD versions are black and white and will come as a soft-bound copy or as 3 hole-punched pages wrapped in plastic. POD versions may have visible and/or invisible watermarks. POD versions will be delivered to the address of your choice.

  3. Buy/Rent the Print Textbook:
    You may buy or rent the print version of your eText how you normally would for any other class (through the bookstore, Amazon, used from a friend, etc.).

Printing On Your Own from Courseload (Option 1)

You can print your entire eText (50 pages at a time) directly from Courseload. You should see a print button in the left navigation panel of Courseload (it appears under the title of the eText). See the screenshot below, or view this tutorial on printing from Courseload.

Order a Print-On-Demand Version (Option 2 )

When you first access Courseload from your ANGEL course, you should see your course eText(s) listed in the left-most panel. Under the eText, you should see a "Buy a Printed Textbook" option (see example image below).

Clicking the "Buy a Printed Textbook" link will take you to a website where you can order a print-on-demand (POD) version of your eText for a reduced price. POD versions will be black and white (no color) and will either be softbound or on 3-hole punched pages wrapped in plastic. POD versions will be sent directly to the address of your choice.

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