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An overview of resources available from CRL: formats include print, microforms, and electronic resources, available through ILL or online access.

Center for Research Libraries

The Center for Research Libraries is housed in Chicago and consists of member libraries across the country. Its function is to purchase those materials which are generally too expensive or specialized for most individual institutions to own. Each year, members vote on which expensive sets to acquire; CRL is responsible for purchase, cataloging and distribution of the material.

Paper and microform materials can be borrowed through MSU's Interlibrary Loan Services.  Online access is available for various databases and subscriptions through the CRL website:,

Additional information on these highlighted resources, as well as additional titles, is also available through the website: Full instructions for obtaining ILL or online access, and information on reference services, are also on the CRL website.

Women's resources

Among the holdings pertaining specifically to women are the following:

Die Dame : this women's magazine is available in microfilm from 1922-1941.

Bibliothek der Frauenfrage in Deutschland nach Sveistrup:  based on Sveistrup's bibliography, the collection of over 7,000 books and articles has been reproduced on microfilm and covers 1790-1930. Full cataloging is available through CRL.

Recent acquisitions

New selections for 2012-2013:

Foreign Office files for Post-War Europe, Series Two: the Treaty of Rome and European integration, 1957-1960 [73 reels, covering postwar recovery and creation of the European Economic Community]

Newspapers from Nazi Germany (1929-1945) [microfilm, 65 reels; selected issues of three newspapers from Berlin: Völkischer Beobachter; Deutsche Allgemeine ZeitungDer Angriff]

Papers of the War Refugee Board [microfilm, 59 reels; covers 1944 and 1945]

Satirische Zeitschriften (Satirical periodicals) [1,355 fiche, covering satirical periodicals from Metternich through Hitler]

Sexualerleben und Körperkultur (Sexual experience and body culture: Deutschsprachige Publikationen, 1880-1932) Suppl 1: 2007. [580 microfiche]

Major collections

The CRL collections are especially strong in the following areas; this list is taken from the CRL website under the topic "Germany". The CRL topicical heading summarizes a broad range of materials. Some of the most important are:

German Foreign Ministry Archives (1867-1945) [microfilm]

German records seized after World War II (1918-1945) [seized archives of civil, governmental, business, military and other agencies, not always complete but materials are added as they become available; microfilm]

U.S. government publications pertaining to Germany [depending on the source, records range from 1865-1945; microfilm]

German Baroque literature, 1500-1700 [6,000+ titles, major and lesser-known authors and poets, microfilm]

German drama, 16th-early 20th centuries [ultimately will contain 12,000-15,000 titles on microcard and microfiche; includes opera libretti as well as plays]

Nazi Party Archives [microfilm]

Parliamentary proceedings of various units of German government [microcard, microfiche; scattered years and geographic locations]

Prussian military leaders' papers [microfilm; selected individuals' papers]

German nationalism, national socialism and postwar reconstruction, 1918-1949 [1,428 titles from various party leaders and organizations; microfilm]

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