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Latino American Studies Research Guide: Film/Video Available on the Internet


A collection of internet film  resources about Latinos.

Latinos in 60 Seconds

Latinos in 60 Second  is an initiative of Latino Public Broadcasting that "offered a call for emerging producers to create one-minute interstitials that showcased the Latino community." This website presents 10 works selected for this project.

The Mexican Americans

The Mexican Americans.  Courtesy of WLIW21 and PBS.  57.22 minutes. : The Mexican-American story has been woven like a vibrant serape of timeless traditions.

National Hispanic Heritage Month Audio/Video Collection

National Hispanic Heritage Month Audio/Video Collection from the Library of Congress.  This website provides "audio or video presentations [that] are a sampling of the available material related to Hispanic American history available from the Library of the Congress. These include Webcasts (taped recordings of presentations, lectures, performances and speeches that have taken place at the Library) as well as musical recordings and unique sound artifacts from our collections, such as the stories of Hispanic Americans."

The Puerto Ricans

The Puerto Ricans : Our American Story.  Courtesy of WLIW21 and PBS.   41:31 minutes : The program explores a bicultural existence that is equally enriching and unsettling.

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