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PKG 485: Package System Development: Finding Articles

Suggested magazine/journal/newspaper indexes

Librarians - PKG 485

Getting to the Full-text Article: 4 (Easy) Steps

I have the citation to the article, now how do I get the actual article so I can read it?

1. Within the index/database, click on the link to the full-text of the article or report if there is one.

2. No direct link? Click the Find Text@MSU link to bring up a page that will 1) show any full-text links and/or 2) facilitate a title search of the Library catalog for print/electronic subscriptions.

3. No Find Text@MSU link? Paste the title of the article into the general library search box on the Library homepage and check the first few entries in the Articles box. If we have the article online, a full-text link will be provided; otherwise, a link to the citation and print holdings, if any. Did that search fail? Go to the Library Catalog and search for the title of the journal by doing a title search to identify any print and/or electronic holdings. If there is an electronic version available, be sure to note whether it covers the year/volume/issue you need. If not, you will need to use the print version. 

4. If the journal you want is unavailable in the MSU Libraries, we can request the articles you need from another library. This is a free service, but can take anywhere from 3-5 business days to a couple weeks. So plan accordingly and don’t put off your research until the last minute! It's always a good idea to do your literature search early, identify the resources that the Library does not own and submit your requests for the things you want. That way you'll have them when it's time to write your paper.

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