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Michigan State University

SciFinderⁿ Guide


Beginning October 2021, MSU Libraries will no longer support SciFinder and will be transitioning to SciFinderⁿ. SciFinderⁿ provides many of the same search capabilities as SciFinder with a new search interface. This guide is intended to introduce users to the SciFinderⁿ platform.

Transitioning from SciFinder to SciFinderⁿ

If you already have a SciFinder account, you will be able to log in to SciFinderⁿ via the new platform and do not need to set up a new account. If you are new to SciFInder, see the Registration page for instructions on setting up an account. Use the link below to access SciFinderⁿ.

Key Features

SciFinder-n provides access to a variety of different sources of chemical information. Here are a few of the features you may find helpful:

  • Structure Searching - Draw or upload structures to perform exact, substructure, or similarity searches
  • Substance Searching - Find chemical information by keyword CAS registry numbers, or patent number.
  • Reaction Searching
  • Reference Search
  • Retrosynthesis Planning
  • Citation Mapping

Databases Included in SciFinderⁿ

  • CAPlus - bibliographic entries from Chemical Abstracts back to 1907.  Over 1,500 core chemical journals are included, as well as patents, books, conference proceedings, etc.  Link out to OLinks to connect to electronic full text or check for print holdings.

  • MEDLINE - bibliographic entries in the medical sciences back to 1949
  • CAS REGISTRY - Chemicals and biochemical sequences searchable by name, number, formula, or structure, with experimental and predicted property data.

  • CHEMLIST - Registry of regulated chemicals.

  • CHEMCATS - Chemical supplier catalogs.

  • CASREACsT - Individually indexed reaction schemes back to 1840.

  • MARPAT - Searchable Markush structures from patents covered by CAS from 1988.

  • CIN (Chemical Industry Notes) - bibliographic entries from chemical industry trade publications from 1974.