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TE 348: Reading & Responding to Children's & YA Literature

Welcome to the Children's and Young Adult E-Book Collection!  

Things to Know

  • The books linked on this guide are all e-books that will meet some of the criteria for your Independent Reading Log (IRL). 
  • They're generally recent books, from 2015 to now. 
  • When you open the book, you'll have the option to "download" or "read online".  Choose "read online".  
  • They are organized by form (poetry, graphic novel, etc.) in the tabs in the box below.  But some of them could easily be more than one form so it will be up to you to discern this.

Each book has a blurb telling you:

  • Number of users - this is how many people can have the book open at the same time.  If a book is 1 or 3 user and you can't access it, come back later to try again.
  • The awards won - many are the awards you need for your IRL and some are other notable children's lit awards (e.g. the Stonewall Awards).  You should double check this for the ones you choose in case I made a mistake!!  Some don't have any awards noted but they fulfill other criteria (like being translated).  Some are just good books.
  • A short summary

If you have problems accessing the e-books you should contact Discovery Services at or 517-353-8700.

Children's & Young Adult Literature E-Book Collection

Michigan State University