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Collections Deals: E-book Deals and packages

Listing of big deals for collections

E-Book Deals


Access Emergency Medicine and other Access related titles, see McGraw Hill.

Ashgate:  all 2012 coming as ebooks.  We passed on the 2013 ebooks.

Brill e-books from 2007-2013 (Brill and Global Oriental Imprints) includes:  

Not included in Brill ebooks package : Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Selected packages purchased for 2014:

  • Middle East and Islamic Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • European History and Culture: I (450-1450)

Ebrary subscription ebooks : we are currently subscribing to all of ebrary academic complete.  Each year we will review the most heavily used books and purchase them for permanent retention.  Otherwise it is possible that certain titles can drop out of availability.

EBSCOhost susbscription ebooks

Elsevier ebooks  2006 -- ongoing annual purchase. Imprints included:

  • Academic Press
  • Architectural Press
  • Butterworth-Heinemann
  • Chemical Engineering
  • CIMA Publishing
  • CMP
  • Digital Press
  • Elsevier
  • Elsevier Science
  • Engineering
  • Focal Press
  • Gulf Professional Publishing
  • Materials Science
  • Morgan Kaufmann
  • Newnes
  • North Holland
  • Pergamon
  • Pergamon Flexible Learning
  • Syngress
  • William Andrew  

Elsevier Handbook series is separate and we have not subscribed.

(1) Elsevier Veterinary Medicine 2010 and 2011 e-book collection

(2) Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine e-book bundle 1995-2006 (Elsevier)    

(3) We have agreed to an Elsevier offer for e-books that appear in series. These titles are tracked by Serials Solutions for the OPAC 10/10   

Elsevier exceptions – not part of deal:

*Saunders - One of the imprints on the list provided by the CIC was Saunders Ltd, but this is misleading.  There was only one title with this imprint in the list of 2008-2009 books included in the deal.  None of the books we previously purchased with the regular Saunders imprint are included.  Our Elsevier sales rep has indicated in the past that the Elsevier Health Sciences imprints are not available on ScienceDirect, as they are licensed through MD Consult.  We should continue to purchase print books from Saunders, and they will not be included in the CID deal.

*Elsevier JAI – Elsevier JAI also does not appear to be included; this was not in the CIC list, but we can’t assume it is included because of Elsevier being part of the name.

Emerald monographic serials (Advances in ____________) 2011-   (comes with backfile access to ‘96)   Series included:

  • Advances in Bioethics
  • Advances in Early Education and Day Care
  • Advances in Ecopolitics
  • Advances in Education in Diverse Communities: Research Policy and Praxis
  • Advances in Educational Administration
  • Advances in Gender Research
  • Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities
  • Advances in Medical Sociology
  • Advances in Motivation and Achievement
  • Advances in Program Evaluation
  • Advances in Research on Teaching
  • Advances in Special Education
  • Comparative Social Research
  • Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research
  • Current Perspectives in Social Theory
  • Diversity in Higher Education
  • Innovation and Leadership in English Language Teaching
  • International Perspectives on Education and Society
  • International Perspectives on Higher Education Research
  • International Perspectives on Inclusive Education Political Power and Social Theory
  • Progress in Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology
  • Research in Community and Mental Health
  • Research in Political Sociology
  • Research in Race and Ethnic Relations
  • Research in Rural Sociology and Development
  • Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change
  • Research in Social Problems and Public Policy
  • Research in Social Science and Disability
  • Research in Sociology of Education
  • Research in the Sociology of Health Care
  • Research in the Sociology of Work
  • Research in Urban Policy
  • Research in Urban Sociology
  • Sociological Studies of Children and Youth
  • Sociology of Crime Law and Deviance
  • Studies in Educational Ethnography
  • Studies in Law, Politics, and Society
  • Studies in Qualitative Methodology
  • Studies in Symbolic Interaction
  • Studies in Writing Syntax and Semantics

Emerald Social Science Monographs  

Gale Virtual Reference List of publishers you might be able to get through Gale is at

IEEE eBooks: 1974-2011

McGraw Hill ebook Packages

Oxford University Press Science Archive covering 1878 to 1995.

Physics Online Archive covering 1798 to 1996.    

Sage Handbooks, 2002 - 2012 , 2013-2015

Sage Encyclopedias 2002 - 2012, 2013-2015

Science Direct ebooks : selected titles

Sense Publishers (apparently acquired by Springer)  Note from Kay G. on 2/27/2012 saying they are now included in the Springer deal.

Springer e-books (not Springer Publishing) 2005-present CIC deal converted to ongoing annual purchase.


Springer Imprints Springer Distribution
  • Apress
  • Birkhäuser Science
  • Copernicus Books
  • Deutscher Universitätsverlag  
  • Fungal Diversity Press (starting copyright year 2012)
  • Gabler
  • Humana Press (Bookseries and monographs for SpringerProtocols are not part of the eBooks Packages)
  • Physica-Verlag
  • Plenum US
  • Praxis
  • Springer
  • Springer-Verlag
  • Steinkopff
  • Teubner
  • Vieweg
  • VS-Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften
  • Asser Press (starting copyright year 2011)
  • Atlantis Press (starting copyright year 2011)
  • Cambridge International Science Publishing Ltd. (starting copyright year 2011)
  • Controlled Release Society (starting copyright year 2011)
  • Island Press (starting copyright year 2011)
  • Kerkhoff Competence Center of Supply Chain Management (starting copyright year 2011)
  • Sense Publishers (starting copyright year 2011)
  • Society for Experimental Mechanics (starting copyright year 2011)
  • Wageningen Academic Publishers (starting copyright year 2011)

Springer exceptions – not part of deal:

(1)  most German language titles

(2)  International Tables for Crystallography

(3) Landolt Bornstein book series

(4) Springer Protocols (formally BioMedProtocols from Humana Press) which include series:

o   Methods in Molecular Biology

o   Methods in Molecular Medicine

o   Neuromethods

o   Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology

o   Methods in Biotechnology       

Wiley e-book library collection : participated in CIC deal from 2005-2013. Converted to ongoing purchase 2014-

Wiley imprints included in the CIC package (2007-):

-          Blackwell – some older titles from 2007 and several SSH (Social Sciences and Humanities) titles still use the Blackwell logo and titles

-          Wiley-Blackwell

Wiley exceptions – not part of deal: Capstone, Jossey-Bass, Pfeiffer, Sybex, Webster's, Wrox



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