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Catalogs of English Medieval Manuscripts in the M.S.U. Libraries: General Catalogs (not specific to institution)

This is a bibliography of printed catalogs of English medieval manuscripts in the MSU Libraries. Last updated 06-01-2023

General Catalogs (not specific to institution)

Check the Library locations in Books and Media.  Works may have been sent to Remote Storage!

Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts

From University of Pennsylvania.  Makes available data on medieval manuscript books drawn from over 300 years of auction and sale catalogs, inventories, and catalogues from institutional and private collections to facilitate research for scholars, collectors and others interested in manuscript studies and provenance history.  Those included have five or more folios produced before 1600. 

Arbois de Jubainville, Henry. Essai d'un Catalogue de la Litterature Epique de l'Irlande, Précédé d'une Étude Sur les Manscrits en Langue Irlandaise Conservés dans les Iles Britanniques et sur le Continent...1883.
Z 2037 .A66 Main

Catalogue of Dated and Datable Manuscripts c888-1600 in London Libraries.
Z 695.83 .R63 2003 v. 2  Main

Catalogue of Western Manuscripts and Miniatures including the Only Known Manuscript of the Book of Margery Kempe...which will be sold by Auction by Sotheby Parke Bernet..., 1908.
ND 2899.5 .S67 1980 and 1982 Fine Arts - Art

Dean, Lindley Richard. An Index to Facsimiles in the Palaeographical Society Publications..., 1914.
Z 113 .P152 Main

Hardy, Sir Thomas duffers. Descriptive Catalogue of Material Relating to the History of Great Britain and Ireland to the End of the Reign of Henry VII. 1862-71.
DA 25 .B5 no.26 Main

Hepworth, Philip. Select Biographical Sources, the Library Association Manuscipts Survey. 1971.
Z 6616 .A2 H4 Main

Ker, Neil Ripley. Catalogue of Manuscripts Containing Anglo-Saxon. 1957.
Z 6605 .A56 K4 Main

Ker, Neil Ripley. Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries. 1969-
Z 6820 .G7 K4 v. 1-5 and Supp. Main

Klinkenborg, Verlyn. British Literary Manuscripts. 1981.
PR 9 .K59 Oversize Books, 3 West

Kristeller, Paul. Latin Manuscript books Before 1600, a List of the Printed Catalogues and unpublished Inventories of Extant collections. 1993.
Z 105 .K7 1993 Main

Lafont, Pierre Bernard. Catalogue des Manuscrits Cam des Bibliotheques Francaises. 1977.
Z 6605 .O75 L33 Oversize Books, 3 West

MacKechnie, John. Catalogue of Gaelic Manuscripts in Selected Libraries in Great Britain and Ireland. 1973-
Z 6605 .I7 M3 v. 1-2 Remote Storage oversize

Medieval Libraries of Great Britain, a List of Surviving Books..., 1987.
Z 723 .K47 1964 and Supp. Main

Modern Language Association of America. Reproduction of Manuscripts and Rare Printed Books. 1942
Z 1012 .M6 Main

Ogilvy, Jack David Angus. Books Known to the English 597-1066.
D 111 .M42 no. 76 Main

Richardson, Ernset Cushing. A List of Printed Catalogs of Manuscript Books. [1972.]
Z 6601 . A1 R4 1972 Main

Thomson, David. A Descriptive Catalogue of Middle English Grammatical Texts. 1979.
Z 6611 .L7 T48 Main