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ISS 330B - Asia: Social Science Perspective

This guide is to assist students with recording and uploading narrated presentations for ISS 330B.


This is a project you can do with programs you probably already have on your computer -- Powerpoint or Keynote (Mac users).

Here are some step-by-step directions on how to narrate over a Powerpoint presentation (these directions should be adaptable no matter what version of powerpoint you have)

Here are some similar directions if you're using Keynote on a Mac

Once you've recorded your presentation, you'll need to export it as a video. There are directions online for Powerpoint and Keynote.


If you need a microphone to record audio with, you can:

  • Use the microphone that comes with some kinds of earbuds (apple products have one) -- just plug into your headphone jack and speak into it
  • Use the one-button studio in the library to record your audio (scroll down a bit to get to the "reserve" button)
  • Borrow a microphone from LEADR -- depends on availability, and you'd also need to download audacity (there are links and directions available on their page)

Where can I record?

If you need someplace quiet to record, you could try:

  • The library CTLs
  • Your closet (if you have one) -- your clothes will help muffle the sound! Really!
  • The Student Media Center in the Union -- they also have green screens if you're feeling adventurous and want to try making a video

Uploading to MediaSpace

Most of your questions about uploading to MediaSpace can be answered here; there's also two phone numbers you can call (listed in the box in the upper left corner) if you run into trouble. This FAQ page will tell you (among other things):

  • What file type you need to export from Powerpoint or Keynote
  • What the file size, type and quality requirements are
  • How to publish your video once it's uploaded

To get started, click on "My Media" in the menu bar of the MediaSpace website: and then click on the "Actions" button at the top right. Choose "Publish" from the drop-down menu, and you're on your way!

Getting Help

What do you do if you run into trouble?

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