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Search Tip Sheet for Times Digital Archive: CONTENT AND FEATURES

This is search tips sheet for use with the Times Digital Archive, the major English newspaper.


There is extensive help information to go with this newspaper.  Clicking on the tools icon at top right on the advanced search screen brings up a short menu including a link to "help."  Here you can learn how to print/download/email, use this resource with citation software, search within documents, learn tips to improve your searches, and many more things.  Just the basics are listed below:

1785-2012 are the dates of coverage.

World events are covered.

Sunday edition is a separate database, link above.

Does not include contents of Times Literary Supplement.  We offer that as a separate database, here.

Limit by publication section of the paper or document type.  To do these things, on the advanced search page, click on the down arrows by publication section and document type, highlight your choices and click on "add."

Illustrations may be cartoons, charts, drawings, graphs, maps, photographs, or tables.  On the advanced search page, click on the down arrow by illustration, highlight your choices and click on "add."

Search by date on the advanced search page.

Boolean searching.  On advanced search page, click on the down arrow in the Find box, next to the search entry box, by where it says "keyword" to see your options.

Variations.  On advanced search page, under the Find box, click a checkmark in the "variations" box if you would like to retrieve both English and American spellings.

Michigan State University