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Michigan State University

MC 498: American Health Care and Policy (Stein-Roggenbuck)

Spring 2023

Required Reading

Health Policy Streaming Videos

The PBS Video Collection (2015-2017 subscription) contains 21 relevant streaming videos. Search for them by name:

Age of AIDS

Back to the Basics

Deadly Messengers

Delivering the Goods

Disease Warriors

Ebola : The Plague Fighters

Facing Death

How Safe Are We?

Losing It

The Medicated Child

The Meth Epidemic

Musical Minds : Can the Power of Music Make the Brain Come Alive?

My Father, My Brother, and Me

Post Mortem

The Pot Republic

Rise of the Superbugs

Separating Twins

Sick Around America

Sick Around the World

The Suicide Tourist

The Vaccine War

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