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Michigan State University

Management Core Concepts

This guide supports early career consultants and Michigan State University's Management Consulting Academy.

Management Consulting Academy

The term management consulting is used here to describe an industry that focuses on advising companies on the best methods to run their business, particularly their business strategy, operations and leadership.

In general, business models consist of three main pillars: value proposition, value creation and delivery, and value capture, as can be seen in common business model frameworks. 

Herein is the value proposition of this resource:

This Management Core Concepts guide is designed to help you:

  • Explore market intelligence reports
  • Research supply chain best practices 
  • Examine business operations strategies
  • Research leaders and garner inspiration from top executives
  • Help you prepare for your career in Management Consulting

Here are some initial resources to get you started:

Here are some toolkits:

Case Studies

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