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News in Translation: News in Translation

News Databases with Translation Options

These databases contain news sources in the original language and offer automated instantaneous machine translation of articles into English and other languages. Searches must be conducted in the original language. A translation option is offered after results are retrieved.

From the search results list, select an article then select "Translate Article". This option is not available for all articles. Translation by Google Translate.


Translation is only available for articles in papers marked with a blue & red icon by the title. Example:   Select a newspaper or conduct a search. Click on an article to open the article in a separate window. Select the translation option.

News in Translation

These databases contain selected news articles translated from the vernacular to English. There is no access to the original source article in these databases.

Historical News in Translation

Foreign Broadcast Information Service Daily Reports

Predecessor of the online World News Connection

1978-1996: Microfiche PrEX 7.10: FBIS- (MSU Gov Docs 3West); Indexes (microfiche and print) shelved at PrEx 7.10:FBIS with multiple catalog records with records for each area of the world.

1996-2004: CDROM