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The American Radicalism Collection: An Overview: Archival Materials

How to request archival materials

To request an archival collection from Special Collections:

  • Use the finding aid for that collection to determine which boxes you need. You can search through all our finding aids here.
  • Once you've determined the boxes you'll need, visit the Special Collections homepage.
  • In the search bar on the homepage, search for the title of the archival collection.
  • Once you've located the right collection, click on the "Get It" button to place your request. 

*Please note that all archival collections are held in MSU Remote Storage and require at least three days to be transferred to the library.

New to Special Collections? Visit the Special Collections homepage and select the "Register & Track Requests" button to register and begin requesting SPC items.

Radicalism Archival Collections

(MSS 217) East Lansing Peace Education Center Records: The East Lansing Peace Education Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting peace and civil rights. It began in 1973 under the United Ministries of Higher Education at MSU but became an independent organization a few years after it began. This collection covers the education center's work in promoting peace and justice from the late 1960's to the early 1990's, with the bulk of the collection focusing on the 1980's. Materials include educational and promotional materials, correspondence, press releases, audiovisual materials, and drafts of legislative bills.  

(MSS 245) Lansing Area Peace Council Records: This collection primarily consists of material on anti-war and peace movements from the Lansing Area Peace Council between 1950 and 1996, as well as a few folders of material on peace and anti-war movements happening throughout the U.S. and internationally. 

(MSS 316) Edith and Arthur Fox Collection: Edith and Arthur Fox were both political and labor activists in the Detroit area who were employed in the auto industry and active in local United Auto Workers (UAW) groups. This collection consists of correspondence, pamphlets, election material, and shop papers that highlights the Fox's work in auto unions from the mid 1930's to late 1970's.

(MSS 343) Queer Politics Collection: This collection consists mostly of ephemeral material documenting grassroots LGBTQ efforts and their intersection with labor and radical movements. The roughly 260 pieces of ephemera here address such topics as HIV/AIDS, the Stonewall Rebellion, the Briggs Initiative, and more. 

(MSS 358) Underground Press and Alternative Newspaper Collection: This collection contains alternative and underground newspapers, which are independently published papers associated with the counterculture movement of the 1960's and 1970's, published from 1962 to 1994. Many of the titles available here belong to the Underground Press Syndicate, a network of underground newspapers that collaborated and freely reprinted each other's material. The papers contained here mostly originate from the United States, although papers from Canada, England, Denmark, and other European countries are also available. 

(MSS 393) Occupy Wall Street Collection: This collection highlights key efforts of the Occupy Wall Street movement at both the national level and throughout Michigan. Materials include posters, bumper stickers, newspapers, and articles. 

(MSS 431) Radicalism PostersThis collection contains roughly 282 posters created from approximately 1965-2016. Topics covered in this collection include anti-apartheid, Black Panthers, campaign politics, communes, communism, labor, LGBTQ, nuclear arms, SDS, Vietnam, women's rights, and more. 

(MSS 438) Stuart N. Dowty and Janet Goldwasser Collection: This collection consists of radical materials from 1964-2000 and covers a wide variety of topics, including: draft resistance, the Detroit coalition to end the war in Vietnam, the Black Panthers, local communist groups and labor unions, and youth culture. 

(MSS 473) Saul Wellman CollectionSaul Wellman (1913-2003) was a political activist who served in the Spanish Civil War before coming to the United States, where he was a member of the Communist Party. This collection consists of Wellman's personal and research files.

(MSS 625) Katherine Guins Peace and Social Justice Collection: Katherine Guins was a lifelong peace, civil rights, and social justice activist. This collection consists of material on peace and social justice organizations in the Lansing and East Lansing area from 1941-2010, with the majority of material focusing on the 1970-1994 time period. Materials include newsletters, meeting minutes, correspondence, membership lists of various organizations, conference material, leaflets and brochures, and more. 

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