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The American Radicalism Collection: An Overview: American Radicalism Vertical Files (ARVF)

How do I search the vertical files?

You can browse our vertical file holdings by searching for "ARVF" in a catalog call number search, or to search for material in ARVF on a specific topic, search your chosen keyword and "ARVF".

To search the catalog, visit the Special Collections homepage and type your keywords into the search box. 

American Radicalism Vertical Files (ARVF)

The American Radicalism Vertical Files (ARVF) contain an extensive collection of pamphlets, flyers, clippings, leaflets, and other ephemeral material on over 2,300 topics. This collection is especially strong in its holdings on the New Left movements of the 1960s, especially SDS and Vietnam anti-war material. This collection also contains a significant amount of material on Michigan-based radical and activist movements, including strong holdings on the East Lansing Peace Education Center, the Lansing Area Peace and Justice Coalition, and several student groups and unions at MSU. 

For an overview of the vertical files, you can request The American Radicalism Collection, an introduction to the American Radicalism collection that focuses on ARVF material. This series of four booklets provides summaries of collection holdings and a list of subjects covered by the collection, divided into four sections: Leftist politics and anti-war movements; religious and radical right; race, gender, and the struggle for justice and equal rights; and twentieth century social, economic, and environmental movements. 

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