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SOC 815: Classical Sociological Theory: Journal Articles

S. Chaudhuri Fall '16

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Article Databases: Top Pick

Top Pick:

More Article Databases

Topics in sociology often overlap with complementary areas of inquiry.  To that end, it may be useful to search within a multidisiplinary index, or other subject specific indexes.  The list below is NOT COMPREHENSIVE and is intended as a starting point to direct you towards indexes that are often relevant to sociology topics.  Be sure to browse in the e-resources for a complete listing of all MSU article databases.

Multidisciplinary Indexes

General Social Sciences

Other subject databases

Criminal Justice


Environmental Studies

Family Studies & Human Ecology

Gender Studies


Political Science

Public Policy


Social Work/Social Services

Urban Studies

Article FAQs

How can I access the full text of an article I see listed in an index (e.g. Sociological Abstracts)?

If the full-text of the article is not available in the index you used to locate the citation, use the "Find Text @ MSU" link to automatically search for the full-text.

If Find Text @ MSU does not automatically connect you to the full-text, do a journal/periodical title search in the library catalog to double-check our holdings.

If MSU does not subscribe to the journal in print or electronic, use Inter-Library Loan to request a copy of the article.

Distance students: If you see that MSU has the journal in print, use ILLiad to request a copy.


How do I find the full text if I just have an article citation?

Look up the title of the journal where the article is published in the library catalog.  Then, access the article via our print or electronic journal holdings.

For a complete step-by-step through the process go to the full tutorial on Locating a Known Journal Article from a Citation.


I'm not finding any good articles on my topic...what should I do?

Ask a Librarian, or consult this brief tutorial on how to search with a purpose.


What kind of advanced search commands can I use in the library indexes?

View this document on Advanced Searches for an explanation of various advanced search commands.