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Canadian Government Information: Canadian Federal Documents in the MSU Libraries

Canadian Federal Documents in the MSU Libraries

Finding Canadian Documents

Since the mid-1960s the Michigan State University Libraries have been a selected depository of documents of the Federal Government of Canada. We receive many of its serial publications (i.e., periodicals and annuals) and the more important books and pamphlets. The Canadian Documents Collection is located on the Third Floor, West Wing of the Main Library.

Unfortunately, most of this Collection is not in the library's catalog; we only started to routinely input titles in 1995. Some selected titles were input prior to that date. Thus, you have to use a multi-step process to find our Federal Canadian titles.

Try the MSU Library Catalog. The document may have been cataloged.

If not in the catalog, then the date of the publication determines where you will next look:

* If you need a document published since 1982, use the Canadian Research Index - Microlog (CRI) in the Main Library Basement East, call number Z1365 .M5.

o CRI has most Canadian Federal, Provincial/Territorial, and municipal books and annuals. It does not index magazine articles. We do not have everything that is in this database. Finally, there is a time lag of four to six months from when a document is published and when it appears in CRI.

o Perform your search. This system employs Silverplatter searching software that is used on the Libraries' ERL system. If you're unfamiliar with it, ask for help at the Reference Desk. Searches can be performed for authors, titles, issuing agencies, and subjects.

* If you need a document published from 1979 through 1982, go to Microlog Canadian Research Index which is located at Z 1365 .M5 in the Main Library, Basement East.

* If you need a document published before 1979, follow the procedure for finding documents in the Goverment Documents Title Catalog (listed below)

If you've found new titles, search the catalog again. If not in the catalog:

* Go to the Title Catalog in Government Documents (Third Floor, West Wing) and look for the title. If we have a card for the title, write down the call number.

Go to the Canadian Documents Collection (Third Floor, West Wing) and look for the call number.

If we don't have the title, you can request it through inter-library loan. The average time required for obtaining material on inter-library loan is 3 days to 2 weeks.

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