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Collection Development Policy Statement: American History

Factors Influencing Collection Policy

A. Anticipated Future Trends

There will be a continuing interest with the study of race, gender, and social history with less emphasis on political and diplomatic history. Thus, there will be a tension in maintaining purchases for a balanced collection with the demands for current teaching and research.

There appears to be no stop in the production of electronic resources both by for-profit and non-profit bodies. Given the price tags of many of these resources, the ultimate decision will not rest with the American History selector but at higher levels. The task of the selector will be to provide timely input. Moreover, the selector should selectively publicize free Internet resources. Also the selector will have to decide on the appropriate mix of formats.

B. Relationship with Other Resources:

  1. 1. On Campus:
    1. Electronic resources -- see previous section
    2. Microforms -- There will be continued purchase of selected microforms plus the need to provide publicity, interpretation, and renewal.
    3. Special Collections, especially the American Radicalism & Popular Culture collections.
    4. Vincent Voice Library - -at the present time undetermined
    5. Government Documents especially the U.S. and Canadian Documents
    6. H-Net -- stay abreast of developments and cooperate when appropriate
  2. 2. Regional or Network Resources:
    1. Archives of the State of Michigan -- primary sources in Michigan History
    2. Library of Michigan -- Michigan History and Genealogy
    3. Detroit Public Library -- Michigan History and Genealogy
    4. University of Michigan:
      • Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library -- American history.
      • Bentley Library -- Source materials for Michigan History, Philippine Insurrection.
      • Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library -- 20th Century U.S. politics
      • Clements Library -- Incunabula and manuscripts on New World discovery and exploration.
      • Special Collections -- American radicalism, Popular Culture
    5. National Archives and Records Administration. Chicago Regional Depository
    6. Center for Research Libraries
    7. Michigan Research Library Triangle
  3. C. Relationships to Resources Treated in Other Policy Statements:
    1. US Government Documents
    2. Special Collections
    3. Ethnic Studies
    4. Political Science
    5. International Relations
    6. Gender Studies
    7. Area Studies
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