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Collection Development Policy Statement: Philosophy

Analysis of the Subject Field

A. Chronology of the subject:

No emphases or restrictions apply.

B. Languages of resources collected:

There are not exclusions based solely on language. Major authors are obtained in translation as well as in the standard editions of the original language. In the selection of treatise and discursive works a strong preference is given to the English language.

C. Geography of the subject:

There are no restrictions that are based solely on geography. The collection retains its historical emphasis on western thought (Greco-Roman, European, Anglo-American). However, considerable effort is also exerted in the appropriate representation of non-Western traditions, especially Asian.

D. Format the resources collected:

There are no current restrictions. Various important microfilm series are availble. There are pre-1600 collections in German, French, Italian and Dutch as well as the pre-1800 collections in English, and pre-1700 publications in French. Additionally some thematic microform collections are noteworthy, such as French Revolutionary Pamphlets, History of Ideas in Europe, Rousseauism: 1788-1797, and Papers and Manuscripts of Ludwig Wittgenstein. In general microforms will not be added unless specifically requested or not available in other, more accessible formats. Online resources are collected, such as the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. At present, print materials are favored.

E. Date of publication of resources collected:

Date of publication is not restricted

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