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Collection Development Policy Statement: Public Health: Levels of Collecting Intensity

Levels of Collecting Intensity


Please note that although the levels of collecting below are very specific to these call numbers, all programs served, especially at the undergraduate level have strong foundations in the biological sciences (e.g. physiology, medicine, chemistry, biology and others) and are supplemented by these collection development policies.

Using WLN/OCLC Conspectus

Out-of-Scope, not collected
1) Minimal information level
2) Basic information level
3) Study or instructional support level
4) Research level
5) Comprehensive level

 RA407-409.5                        Health status indicators. Medical statistics and surveys  4

RA421-790.95                      Public health. Hygiene. Preventive medicine                     4

RA428-428.5                        Public health laboratories, institutes, etc                           

RA440-440.87                      Study and teaching. Research                                            3

RA565-600                            Environmental health Including sewage disposal,            3

                                                air pollution, nuisances,water supply

RA601-602                            Food and food supply in relation to public health             2

RA604-618                            Parks, public baths, public carriers, buildings, etc.          1

RA619-637                            Disposal of the dead. Undertaking. Burial. Cremation.   0

RA638                                    Immunity and immunization in relation to public health     3

RA639-642                            Transmission of disease                                                     3

RA643-645                            Disease (Communicable and noninfectious)                    4 

                                                and public health

RA645.3-645.37                   Home health care services                                                  0

RA645.5-645.9                     Emergency medical services                                              2

RA646-648.3                        War and public health                                                           2

RA648.5-767                        Epidemics. Epidemiology. Quarantine. Disinfection          4

RA771-771.7                        Rural health and hygiene. Rural health services                 4

RA773-788                           Personal health and hygiene Including clothing,                 2

                                               bathing, exercise, travel, nutrition,sleep, sex hygiene

RA790-790.95                     Mental health. Mental illness prevention                               3


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