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Collection Development Policy Statement: Public Health: Collection Management Issues

Collection Management Issues

  1. Multiple Copies: Multiple copies of monographic titles are acquired only for high-demand works or works authored by MSU faculty.
  2. Preservation, Replacement and Weeding: Policies in effect for preservation, replacement, and weeding for the materials in the Main Library apply to the public health collection.
    1. Decisions to replace materials missing or damaged beyond repair are made on a case-by-case basis.
    2. Replacements may be purchased if available and affordable for high-demand or important monographs and for journal issues if they are not available also electronically.
    3. Multiple copies of outdated materials may be deselected, but unique materials are retained.
  3. Remote storage: Print copies of works that may be of interest for browsing, in-library use, or ILL are maintained in the Main Library building. (Because the MPH program is entirely online, works that fall into this category are likely to be those that are useful for general, undergraduate, or interdisciplinary audiences). Materials that have not been used for 20 years or are deemed to be of “marginal” educational/research value may be moved to Remote Storage. Items in these categories that are of some monetary or research/historical value may be moved to Special Collections.
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