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MSU Program in Public Health: Writing Help

General guide for resources useful to the MSU Program in Public Health.

APA Basics

  • APA also has a website that includes some "Quick Answers" and general advice on formatting and citation questions
  • APA Style Essentials by Douglas Degelman, Ph.D., and Martin Lorenzo Harris, Ph.D. offers an up-to-date overview.


Grammar & Style

Guide to Grammar and Writing (Capital Community College) A great overview of grammar and how to avoid common writing mistakes.


Turnitin is one of the tools that your professors may have you use to check your papers for copying and to help you with your writing. It's important to recognize that Turnitin does NOT check for plagiarism--it compares what you've written to other documents in its database to see if any of the text is the same. There are times when it's OK to have words from other documents in your papers--for example, when you're quoting. To find out more about how to use Turnitin, go to their QuickStart Guide for students, or watch the video below. 


Below are some resources to help you avoid plagiarism in your writing:

Plagiarism (UNC-Chapel Hill)

How to avoid plagiarism (University of Wisconsin)

Should I paraphrase or quote? (University of Wisconsin)

How to paraphrase a source (University of Wisconsin)

Successful vs. unsuccessful paraphrases (University of Wisconsin)

Writing Assistance

The MSU Writing Center

The Writing Center in Michigan State University offers consultations at locations on the MSU campus, as well as online. 

They have quick guides here

Writing Guides

UNC at Chapel Hill has a wide variety of short and concise guides to a range of topics.

Here is a selection that are specifically useful to the types of writing you will be doing in the Program.

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