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MSU Program in Public Health: MSU Health Sciences Digital Libraries

General guide for resources useful to the MSU Program in Public Health.

Accessing MSU Library Resources

Start your research by going to the MSU Health Sciences Digital Library homepage. This is different from the Main Library homepage, and it will give you easier access to resources specifically for public health and other health sciences.  

screenshot of health sciences digital library homepage

Accessing electronic resources

  • Full access to MSU Libraries electronic resources is available with your MSU netid and password.
  • If you encounter any technical problems when accessing MSU Libraries electronic resources, call Discovery Services at (517)353-8700, or email
  • If you encounter any technical problems with D2L, contact MSU IT: (517)432-6200.

Searching on the Library Homepage

To search for books or journals from the Health Sciences Digital Library homepage, enter a title into the OneSearch box (outlined in red below) and click "Search." 

screenshot of library homepage, one search box outlined

You will be taken to a results screen, where you'll see a number of different boxes. The Books & Media box, which is the center one on the top row, will take a little bit longer to load than the others, so just be patient!

screenshot of search for "heart attack" on health sciences digital library homepage

If you have the title of an article rather than the title of a journal, you have two searching options. 

  1. You can enter the article title into the search box in PubMed. If it's a health sciences article, you'll almost always find it there. 
  2. You can enter the article title into the OneSearch box on the main MSU Libraries homepage. Unlike the Health Sciences Digital Library, the search engine on the main homepage searches for articles by title. 

Health Sciences Librarian

Profile Photo
Chana Kraus-Friedberg
366 W. Circle Drive
East Lansing, MI 48824
Subjects: Medicine, Public Health

Getting Books/Articles as a Distance Student

Most books, videos, and journals that the library has for the MPH program can be accessed electronically, as long as you have your NetID and password. But even if you need something that we only have in print, you'll still be able to get access to it as a distance student. On the interlibrary loan page, you can find the services that will help you do that:

  1. MARS Delivery (click "Request Scan" under the Found at MSU square): If we have an article you need, but only in print, you can request it through this page, and someone will scan it and email it to you when it's ready. 
  2. Distance Delivery (click "Request Distance Delivery" under the Found at MSU square): If you need a book that we only have in print, and you live more the 50 miles away from campus, you can request it and it will be delivered to you 
  3. If the MSU library doesn't own something, you can request that we borrow it from another library and send it to you by clicking the links under the Not Found at MSU box. 
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