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Natural Resources and Ecology Research Guide: General Reference and Ecology Resources

Page Coordinators: Melissa Yost and Suzi Teghtmeyer

This guide identifies resources for ecology and the natural sciences including entomology, herpetology, ichthyology, ornithology, and water science.

Article Databases for Ecology & Natural Sciences

Historical Sources

Three Years Travels through the Interior Parts of North America [Carver's Travels]. Philadelphia: Key & Simpson, 1796.
Descriptions of lakeside Michigan and Description of Lake Erie, Lake Huron, and Detroit.

American Environmental Photographs, 1891-1936
This collection consists of approximately 4,500 photographs documenting natural environments, ecologies, and plant communities in the United States at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century. Produced between 1891 and 1936 by a group of American botanists generally regarded as one of the most influential in the development of modern ecological studies, these photographs provide an overview of important representative natural landscapes across the nation. The photographs were taken by Henry Chandler Cowles (1869-1939), George Damon Fuller (1869-1961), and other Chicago ecologists on field trips across the North American continent.

Early Encounters in North America: Peoples, Cultures, and the Environment
This collection documents the relationships among peoples and the environment in North America from 1534 to 1850. The collection includes both published and unpublished accounts, narratives, diaries, journals, and letters.

Environmental Issues: Essential Primary Sources
This resource contains primary source documents that focus on environmental issues of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. International in scope, it contains approximately 175 full or excerpted documents---speeches, legislation, magazine and newspaper articles, essays, memoirs, letters, interviews, novels, songs, and works of art---as well as overview information that places each document in context.

Evolution of the Conservation Movement: 1850-1920
The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920, documents the historical formation and cultural foundations of the movement to conserve and protect America's natural heritage, through books, pamphlets, government documents, manuscripts, prints, photographs, and motion picture footage drawn from the collections of the Library of Congress. The collection consists of 62 books and pamphlets, 140 Federal statutes and Congressional resolutions, 34 additional legislative documents, excerpts from the Congressional Globe and the Congressional Record, 360 Presidential proclamations, 170 prints and photographs, 2 historic manuscripts, and 2 motion pictures. 

Sage Publishing's 'Green' series [ebooks]

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