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About this guide

Sources of statistical information are held throughout the Michigan State University Libraries. This guide is not comprehensive; rather, it provides information on a selection of some of the most important general sources. This guide includes both freely available WWW resources as well as library subscription resources and print materials.

Please use Ask A Librarian, visit the Main Library Reference Desk if you need further assistance, or contact the authors of this guide: Hailey Mooney, Data Services Librarian or Jon Harrison, Environmental Studies Librarian.

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Getting Started: General Sources and Compendiums

ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the United States (2013-present)
Search by keyword or browse to relevant sections.

Statistical Abstract of the United States (1878-2012) - U.S. Census Bureau
Call number: C 3.134: or HA202. Print copies available 1878-2012 in multiple locations.
An annual publication offering statistics from federal agencies and numerous state, local, and non-governmental statistics.

Geography and the Environment
This section presents a variety of information on the physical environment of the United States, starting with basic area measurement data and ending with climatic data for selected weather stations around the country. The subjects covered between those points are mostly concerned with environmental trends but include related subjects such as land use, water consumption, air pollutant emissions, toxic releases, oil spills, hazardous waste sites, municipal waste and recycling, threatened and endangered wildlife, and the environmental industry.

Energy & Utilities
This section presents statistics on fuel resources, energy production and consumption, electric energy, hydroelectric power, nuclear power, solar energy, wood energy, and the electric and gas utility industries.

Forestry, Fishing, and Mining
This section presents data on the area, ownership, production, trade, reserves, and disposition of natural resources. Natural resources is defined here as including forestry, fisheries, and mining and mineral products



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