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Humanitarian Open Street Map Guide: Home

Quick start guide to HOT mapping

Humanitarian Open Street Mapping

From the HOT website: "The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) applies the principles of open source and open data sharing for humanitarian response and economic development." It is an open source project where individuals with an internet connection can help digitize aerial imagry to assist non-profit organizations working in remote areas. 

More Training Videos

How To Map!

  • First: Make an OSM Account here.
  • Second: Try to use the OSM ID editor walkthrough. When you make an OSM account - you can zoom in on the default map and hit the Edit down arrow in the upper right of the window to select an editor. Select the ID editor. This will then give you the pop up option of a walk through. I suggest doing the walk through (it is as complete as watching the tutorial videos etc.). If you miss the walkthrough - information on the ID editor can be found here.
  • Third: For an even faster walk through - check out this video on tracing buildings.
  • Fourth: When you are ready to map, pick a task! Be sure to read the instruction as most tasks only want specific features. You "lock" a square when you pick a task, so when you are finished "release" the square or mark it complete. Also, be aware your work will be double checked.
  • Fifth: Be sure to save often. Here is a video on completing tasks.

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