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Information about using LibInsight for library statistics

What is LibInsight

LibInsight is a tool from Springshare (e.g. LibGuides, LibCal, LibAnswers) that can act is a central repository to gather and store library statistics and datasets.  LibInsights has dataset templates for areas such as Reference, Gate Counts, COUNTER, InterLibrary Loan, and E-Journals. LibInsights can automatically import high-level statistics from most Springshare products. For example, Space usage data can be imported directly from LibCal or Library Chat data can be imported from LibAnswers/FAQ.

LibInsight allows for greater accessibility of library-wide data to analyze statistics, create public-facing dashboards, or cross-analyze data from across library services.

Accessing LibInsight

You can access LibInsights via the direct link below or from the LibApps link. 

You will need to be added to LibInsight as a user to access, analyze, or create datasets. Contact any LibInsight administrator to be added (Rick Stoddart or Joshua Sanchez).

Getting Help with LibInsight

Please reach out to your friendly neighborhood Assessment Librarian, if you need assistance with anything related to LibInsight. Your assessment librarian can help with:

  • Setting up a dataset

  • Creating an in-take form

  • Importing statistics

  • Analyzing statics

  • Building a dashboard

Contact Rick via email.

LibInsight Video Introduction

List of LibInsight In-Take Widgets

Public Dashboards