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Michigan State University

Professional Development for MSUL Employees

Digitization Projects

Library of Congress Virtual Volunteer:  LOC needs people to transcribe, tag, & review documents. 

Smithsonian Digital Volunteers: Transcription Center : the Smithsonian needs help making historical documents and biodiversity data more accessible.

National Archives: Citizen Archivist Program: NA needs help trasncribing, tagging, reviewing & commenting on historical documents to improve accessibility and searchability. 

NYPL Community Oral History Project: NYPL needs help editing and polishing computer-generated transcripts of the Community Oral History Project. 

Royal BC Museum: wants help transcribing their extensive collections. 

Oregon State University: Index Letters. OSU needs help transcribing letters from the collection of Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists in Post-War America. 

SCRIPTO: Transcription Project: The War Department (1784-1800) of needs help transcribing George Mason Papers.

American Archive of Public Broadcasting: needs help "fixing computer-generated transcripts from thousands of historic public broadcasting programs from across the country."


Michigan State University