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Michigan State University

JRN 804: Journalism Studies Seminar

Keep Up With Key Journals Using Browzine

See the Browzine guide for how to use this iOS and Android app for tablets.

How to Set Up Journal Alerts

MSU Libraries Database or Index:

  • To find the index that contains a specific journal, go to the MSU Libraries and type the journal name in the 'Find Electronic Journals' search box.  A list of electronic indexes will result if MSU has access to the journal.  Electronic Resources page
  • Choose a link that provides access to current issues.
  • Look for a link such as 'Alerts' or 'Set up Alerts' to customize an alert to be delivered via email or RSS feed. Some databases may require you to create an account to set up alerts.

Pros: You may be able to get full-text of the journal content automatically delivered.

Cons: There may be a time-lag getting content delivered

Journal Publisher's Website:  Another option  is to use a search engine to find the publisher's Website.  Look for a link such as 'Alert services'

Pros: The content may be delivered faster.

Cons: You may not be able to view full-text of the content as it does not link to MSU's subscriptions.

How to Set Up Search Alerts

MSU Libraries Database or Index:

  • Find an index by subject
  • Conduct a search using the basic or advanced search screen options. 
  • Look for a link on the results page such as 'Set up alert'
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