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Refinitiv Workspace

Refinitiv Workspace Access

Step 1. Register for an account.

Refinitiv Workspace is available to current faculty, staff and students of Michigan State University for non-commercial, academic research.* Users are prohibited from using the database for internships and external employment. Users should also delete the content downloaded when your project is complete. See below for additional terms. By continuing to use this database, you are agreeing to accept these terms. 

To access the database you must first create an account using your MSU email address. 

1. Go to the Registration Page. You’ll have to log in with your MSU netid and password first. Once you're to the registration page, you'll need to create your account by entering your email address. Make sure to use your email address. 

2. You will receive an email asking you to verify your account. Check your spam or junk folder. 

3. Then you will need to enter your name, your status (faculty/staff, undergraduate or graduate student). Product should be Workspace for Students. After reviewing the privacy statement, click the check box to agree and then click "Register Now"

4. You'll receive a welcome email that will give you access and allow you to see up your password. Just note that this email can take approximately 15-20 minutes to get to you, and you should check your spam or junk folder. 

Step 2 To Sign In after you have an account, you have two options:

Option 1: Refinitiv Workspace Web Access: Sign in via a web browser. This works like other databases and will meet most needs. Data can be downloaded via Excel. 

Option 2: Refinitiv Workspace Desktop Application: This is a special app you must install on your desktop/laptop. It provides an excel add-in. (Tutorial can be found here.)

You can find both options linked on this page or by clicking the Connect to Refinitiv Workspace links on this page. 

If you need assistance, please contact

*Walk-in visitors with no MSU email address who come into the Business Library in-person, may request access via the Circulation Desk. (Main Library visitors should see the Reference Desk.) Use must be non-commercial, academic research and not used for internships or employment-related. 

Guidelines for Acceptable Use

Notice to users of licensed database: Refinitiv Workspace
Prohibition of commercial use, and guidelines for acceptable use

The MSU Libraries subscribe to licensed database products to support the educational and research needs of library users. In some cases, these databases are educational versions of commercial products. Users are advised that access to these materials is controlled by license agreements: violation of license terms by individual library users potentially jeopardizes future campus access for all students and faculty, and exposes violaters to sanctions.

The content of this database is made available only for the individual educational and research purposes of authorized users. By proceeding to the database itself, you as the user are indicating that you are aware of the following terms and conditions, and agree to conduct your use of this material accordingly.

Uses that are allowed:

  • You may use the database for purposes of academic research or private study only.
  • You may browse and search the database, and display its contents on the screen.
  • You may make and save a digital copy of limited extracts from the database for academic purposes.
  • You may print out copies of limited extracts from the database for academic purposes.
  • You may reproduce or quote limited portions of the database contents for reports, essays, projects, and similar materials created for academic purposes, with appropriate acknowledgement of the source (such as footnotes, endnotes or other citations).
  • These limited extracts may be shared with other academic users.

Uses that are NOT allowed:

  • You may not sell or otherwise re-distribute data to third parties without express permission. This includes but is not limited to posting on public sources like Google Docs, Tableau, etc.
  • You may not use the database or any part of the information comprised in the database content for commercial research, for example, research that is done under a funding or consultant contract, internship, or other relationship in which the results are delivered to a for-profit organization.
  • You may not engage in bulk reproduction or distribution of the licensed materials in any form.
  • You may not engage in extensive downloading or copying of content.
  • You may not use automated searching or querying, including, but not limited to, the use of spiders or other external software for text and data mining.
  • You may not store a vast amount of data on your personal computers.

Under some circumstances, violation of these guidelines could lead to loss of your right to use the campus network, in accord with MSU's Statement on Acceptable Use of Computing Systems (

Connect to Refinitiv Workspace