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Education Open Access Resources

open access journals & other resources for education research & in the classroom


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Elizabeth Webster
Education Librarian
Children's & Young Adult Literature Librarian
Subjects: Education


What does it mean for resources to be "open"?

  • free to access
  • free of many restrictions in terms of copyright & licensing (depending...)

Two common terms you will hear: OER (open educational resources) and OA (open access).  Sometimes they're used interchangeably but they have some differences.

  • OER = course materials, textbooks, handouts, lectures, etc - anything a teacher could use in a classroom - that have been openly licensed.
  • OA = often used specifically to refer to research products like journals, articles, and data.

The important part is that both are:

  • free to use
  • able to be distributed widely with little or no cost
  • can be revised and improved upon collaboratively
  • sometimes available more quickly (because it doesn't get published in an embargoed journal)

(all info above adapted from a Library Juice course by Shanna Hollich and SPARC)

This Guide

  • All of the resources on this guide are open to anyone with an internet connection.  MSU credentials are not needed.
  • Inclusion on the guide does not necessarily mean endorsement of quality, though I did try to vet the resources.
  • If you know of any open resources that you'd like me to consider, please feel free to contact me about that and I will consider the request.  
  • If you see anything that seems like it is questionable, please send me an email (contact info to the left).
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